Like any other ten contestants, including Johnny Middlebrooks, in the second season of the American version of Love Island, James McCool, too, came looking for love.

The new season premiered, a year later, on the 24th of August 2020. Previously scheduled for May of 2020, the show was postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the States.

Look further, into the personal life, career, and family background of this handsome islander, Johnny, who is in search of someone “funny, giggly, likes to laugh, and doesn’t take life too seriously.”

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Once James McCool mentioned the date: 9th June 2019 as “Birthday Weekend”. So, one can say, his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Further, when he first appeared in the reality show (in 2020) he had turned 27 years of age.

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James McCool Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

James McCool grew up in Winchester, Virginia, with his parents and siblings.

He is the baby of the family and has three older brothers: John Mccool, T McCool, and Ry McCool, each being their Instagram handles.

James McCool Height, Weight, Tattoos

If you are scrolling through James’s Instagram gallery, do not just leave off the tour, without a peek into his shirtless pictures. Not just because of his well-toned muscular built, but mostly for his incredulously inked body. His “edgy” tattoos will no doubt leave anyone wondering about the hidden meanings behind them.

James McCool stands to 6 feet and 1-inch in height. And, most lately, his weight was listed as 83 Kgs.

Social Media Reach

On his Instagram, James McCool enjoyed 3.451K followers (until late August 2020). Interestingly, for reasons unexplained, he wasn’t on Twitter and Facebook.

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James McCool Net Worth, Job, Education

Circa 2016, James relocated to Florida, to pursue a career in both personal training and modeling.

While there were no cues found to his customary educational background, according to his LinkedIn profile, James acquired two licenses/certifications.

His ISSA license from the International Sports Sciences Association was issued in March 2019, with no expiration date.

Also, the same year in August, he got his CPR & AED certificate from the American Heart Association, with an expiry date of January 2022.

James McCool, holding the job of a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in 2020, previously served in the Military as Army National Guard, from October 2012 until February 2016.

Additionally, outside of his work as a trainer, the Winchester inhabitant had also been working as an actor and model, in affiliation with Studio One.

And, in the meantime, James McCool reportedly hoarded a net worth of above $275 thousand.

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James McCool Girlfriend, Gay, Wife

Only a second day on the summer villa and James McCool had already stolen the first unscripted kiss in the show.

During his video interview with CBS, he had said that his game in the show was going to be “very flirty”. “In your face. I’m going to be kissing you in five minutes”— he had said jestingly, yet also with determination!

On the 25th of August 2002, he took to Instagram, a proof of it.

To a picture of him kissing the show’s gorgeous competitor, Moira Tumas, he proudly self-applauded his move as “sweet, sincere, straightforward, and smooth”.


James and Moira, coupled on day one of Love Island (PIC: James’s IG)

Not to mention, the lady on the receiving side of smooch looked as much happier.

Now, we wait for more episodes, to know, if Moira also reciprocates the attraction James seemed to have towards her (on day one James was coupled with Moira).

James, meanwhile, had previously made it clear that he is in the hunt for “it” feeling!”. He had said:

“The feeling you have with someone you can’t describe. The feeling of that connection where it just works and flows naturally. Haven’t really found that yet so I’m looking for that.”

But beyond that, he spilled no further details on his relationships in the past; if or not he had been married or had girlfriends, at any time in the past. However, it is a known fact that those who want to seek “soulmate” in Love Island definitely need to be single.

In the meantime, inquiries in regard to his being gay seem out of nowhere. Because, he may not have spoken of his sexual preferences, quite publicly, but he sure put it out clearly in the show, kissing this beautiful lady.

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