Meet Cely Vazquez, one of the 11 contenders selected for CBS’ Love Island season 2.

Cely is a self-defined “spicy Latina”, who loves singing and was a legal secretary. With her stunning voice, charm, and charisma, Cely certainly intrigued the audience from the show.

So if you here wanting to learn more about this free-spirited girl then you have come to the right place. Divulge on the insides of Cely Vazquez through this wiki-style article.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Cely Vazquez was born on May 24, 1996. This made her 24 years of age when she appeared for Love Island 2020.

Corresponding to her birthday, Cely is of the Gemini zodiac.

As for her hobby, she loved to travel, especially beaches. It looked like she had been to every beach in California.

Before 2020, she lived in Sacramento, California.

Trivia: Cely’s celebrity crush is Patrick Swayze.

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Cely Vazquez Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Cely Vazquez grew up in the rural town of Manteca in California. She is fluent in Spanish and flaunts a Latina, Spanish ethnicity.

As for Cely’s parents, their names remained anonymous. However, her mother once appeared on Instagram in May 2019 and we couldn’t tell if she was her parent or her sibling.

Yes, Cely’s mother is beautiful and a young-looking lady. Guess it’s clear, where she inherited her beauty genes from.

Also, Cely’s mom supported her ambitions. On June 2019, Cely posted a provocative picture over Instagram captioned,

“This one goes out to all my aunts who ask my mama if she’s okay with the pics I post.”

Coming to her siblings, Cely didn’t share much about them. But she once brought a young guy over TikTok, who we speculate to be her brother.

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Cely Vazquez Height, Weight, Measurements

The voluptuous Cely wasn’t afraid to show off her curves. Over Instagram in 2019, she flaunted her body and shared that she “hadn’t eaten solid food since 2005.”

Her body measurement was 32-24-34 inches.

Also, Cely Vazquez stands tall at a height above 5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm) and weighs under 52 kgs (114.64 lbs).

Social Media Reach: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

As of Jan 2021, Cely entertained 435K followers over Instagram @thecelyvazquez and 151K followers on TikTok @thecelyvazquez.

Also, she had 59.8K subscribers over Youtube @Cely Vazquez. Over her channel, Cely posted popular cover songs like Daniel Caesar- Get You and Khelani- Bright.

Apart from singing, Cely also played guitar.

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Cely Vazquez Net Worth, Job, Education

In 2021, Cely Vazquez’s net worth was estimated to be around $600 thousand.

As for her job, she worked as a Legal secretary before she ventured into the reality show business. Just in case you are curious, a legal secretary’s salary was around $60,904 per year in California.

Being a fashion influencer, Cely endorsed brands like Fashion Nova, Urban Outfitters, and the US.SHEIN.

Coming to her education, Cely has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California State University, Sacramento.

Also, as athletic as she already is, Cely was the captain of her high school cheerleading team.

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Cely Vazquez Boyfriend, Husband, Ex

Before appearing on Love Island, Cely Vazquez was in a relationship that ended in early 2019. She shared that her boyfriend was a Virgo and she is a Gemini so they didn’t agree on anything.

It seemed Cely was superstitious when it came to dating.

Also, Cely mentioned that she never downloaded an online dating app and preferred meeting guys the old-fashioned way. She added,

“Like in a coffee shop, at the gym, in a grocery.”

Mentioning her dating preferences; Cely was looking for a romantic, funny guy who shared her sense of humor. Also, she didn’t like bossy men.

What’s more, Cely was seeking to “get divorced just as bad as she wanted to get married”.

Yes, you read that right. She added,

“They’re doing divorce parties and I’m like, ‘That looks fabulous!’

However, Cely wasn’t ready to take a husband yet. She confessed that she liked flirting with every other guy she met. In her words,

“The boys better be ready because I’m going to be flirting with that guy, flirting with that guy, flirting with that guy. I’m a big flirt.”

Cely Vazquez & Johnny Middlebrooks: Dating, Split

As seen on Love Island, Cely Vazquez got together with co-star Johnny Middlebrooks early on. They would end up becoming the runners up.

Following the finale, the duo shared their plans to relocate to LA. Johnny even labeled the decision the best move for them.

After dating a while, Cely and Johnny called it quits. Via social media, they announced the split. What’s more, Cely claimed there wasn’t any reason to speculate. By her admission, the duo wanted to focus on their personal journey.

For his part, Johnny took to IG story and thanked her for their time together.

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