Meet Jake Hazell, one of the contestants from the second SAS: Who Dares Wins that premiered on Channel 4 network on May 9, 2021.

Training under the chief instructor and several directing staff (including Melvyn Downes) does Jake has it in him, the mental and physical strength to pass through a series of tests? Find out below in his wiki writing.

Jake Hazell Age

Born on October 28, 1992, Jake Hazell reached the age of 28 in 2020. Also, the date of birth makes him greatly passionate and outwardly calmer Scorpio.

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Jake Hazell Family

Jake Hazell has a sister with the name Annabelle Hazell. Annabelle’s profile on Facebook reads she previously worked at Fenwick and went to Ampleforth College from 2004 – 2014.

Also, his parents are Ben and Lisa Hazell. In March 2021, as his dad celebrated his birthday, he had been sober for 39 years. Further, the folks have been married for almost three decades.

Jake hails from his hometown of Wakefield, which is a cathedral city in the City of Wakefield district of West Yorkshire, England. Currently (that is in May 2021), he lived in London.

His Height

Jake Hazell, in his defined muscles and good shape, stands to a height that is above 6′. The fitness fanatic also seemed to be on the lookout for new tattoos to add to his already wondrous collection.

Jake Hazell Net Worth, Job

Jake Hazell is a self-employed certified personal trainer. Besides, he worked in sales and as a trainer at F45 Chelsea. Also, his LinkedIn mentioned him as Co-head of Online at Notting Hill Fish Shop.

For the net worth, he managed an estimated $500K (before May 2021).

Note: The national average salary for someone working in Sales (as per calculations made by Glassdoor) is £32,999 in the United Kingdom.

His Instagram, Facebook

Jake could be spotted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and among them, he entertained the highest of 12k followers on a personal blog on Instagram. He also managed 1.24K subscribers on the YouTube channel ‘Jake Hazell: Mentally Sober’ that he started in Jan. 2019.

Jake Hazell On SAS: Who Dares Wins

Jake Hazell is one of the 21 people taking part in this season of Channel 4’s SAS. He is identified as the ‘recruit 6’.

During season 6 episode 2 of the series, he revealed a heartbreaking past involving his girlfriend Emily Hartridge that left everyone watching the show in grieve. Soon, viewers were even more sympathetic and amazed at how it was managed to battle through all the brutal regimes led by his ex-special forces soldier mentors.

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Jake Hazell And Emily Hartridge: Relationship Info

Early on in life, Jake Hazell has already experienced a tragic romance. He lost his girlfriend, Emily Hartridge, in a road accident only a while ago on July 12, 2019.


Jake Hazell and Emily Hartridge spotted at Battersea Park on June 11, 2019 (PIC: Emily’s IG)

Emily, 35, died on the day when the e-scooter she was riding got in a collision on her way to a fertility clinic for an IVF appointment. She was a mental health advocate and social media influencer, and presenter with over 340k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Later, Jake explained the darkest day of his life. Worried that Emily had not called him about how the appointment had gone, he drove to their home to see her but was stopped in his tracks by police at the exact scene of the crash Emily was involved in.

Speaking to LADbible, he said how afterward he was riddled with guilt because the e-scooter Emily drove was a gift from him. People also trolled and blamed Jake for her death.

So, after the incident, Jake suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and felt like his entire world just fell apart.

“I felt like that was the least I can do. I was 25 when Emily died and she was my entire world so my entire world just fell apart. I’m still piecing it back together now.”

In fact, all of it was the reason he signed up for the 2021 series of SAS: Who Dares Wins. She said because he was felt very lost in life he decided to be in the “notoriously difficult program that has been known to claim the lives of those who take it on.”

Is Jake Hazell Dating Again?

Jake Hazell does not seem to be dating anyone at the moment.

In fact, his relationship with Emily was just very special. They used to dedicate long heartfelt messages to one another on social media. They felt pride in their romance which despite having its fair share of baggage and issues proved to become a wonder in the time being.

Just a few months prior, before Emily, for forever, parted ways with Jake, she had beautifully explained her love story to the world; an excerpt from which read:

“We have never been better and we have never been stronger 💪🏻 Jake is incredible and I feel beyond grateful to have him in my life. He is the kindest person I have ever met and he is my absolute rock day in day out 🥳”

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