YouTube star Dominique Boxley’s marriage to wife Anthony Fantano has faced its fair share of controversies over its course.

Below, in this Dominique Boxley wiki, let’s one more time have a look over everything— if they are still married or if not, what has caused the trouble?

Dominique Boxley Age, Birthday

Dominique Boxley’s birthday on the 6th of March makes her Pisces. Also, she reached the age of 36 in 2021 and her middle name is Nicole.

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Dominique Boxley Family, Hometown listed Dominique’s family members and associates as Desmond Boxley, Donald Boxley, Estelle Boxley, Paul Erickson, and Fred Milardo.

Among them, her parents are Donald Boxley, 65, and Estelle Boxley, 66, (ages as of May 16, 2021). And, Desmond Boxley, age 31, is her brother.

Dominique hails from her hometown of Meriden, a city in New Haven County, Connecticut, located halfway between the regional cities of New Haven and Hartford. Her parents continued living there even today.

Her Height: How Tall Is She?

Dominique Boxley stands to the tallest height of 5’8” which is however still lower than her partner’s 6′. Also, she weighed below 60 kg or 132 lbs.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Unlike Anthony Fantano who primarily acquired fame and notability through social media, Dominique is a social media ghost. She could not be found anywhere on the platforms. She, however, featured on Anthony’s socials including his YouTube channel.

Then again, word has it, the two met online, that they had a good conversation about music. They talked more and eventually organized their first person-to-person meeting. She also accused him of standing her up as she had to wait for him for 30 minutes.

Dominique Boxley Job, Net Worth

Dominique Boxley is a pilates instructor reportedly boasting a reported net worth of almost $750K (before May in 2021). Besides, she is just as much a music buff as Anthony. In fact, she was the one who introduced him to Bjork’s music. Back in 2011, on Anthony’s then-not-so-known YouTube vlog, they were spotted reviewing Bjork’s newly released album.

Note: the average certified pilates instructor salary (as per the calculation made by in the United States typically falls between $39,238 and $74,562.

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Dominique Boxley And Anthony Fantano: Kids, Still Married?

Dominique’s married life with Anthony Fantano is as low profile as they come. For someone who is always online on the internet, Anthony miraculously kept his better half protected from the media and public eyes.

Together possibly since their 20s, Dominique can be spotted on Anthony’s YouTube vlogs from at least 2011. Up until the time, he was still referring to the lady by his side as his ‘girlfriend’.

Also, from what little Anthony tweeted about his wife and married life on Twitter, the couple celebrates their wedding anniversary on the 5th of June every year. What’s more, they seemed to have tied the knots before 2015.

On July 5, 2018, on a shoutout tweet to Dominique, Anthony had written, “…It’s our anniversary. She’s is my anchor and the only reason I haven’t ruined my career yet…”.

Now about the rumors of their split which has been swirling on the internet— it’s been said, they ended their marriage more than five years ago. The assumptions were born around the time Dominique stopped appearing on her husband’s famous YouTube content.

Apparently, they did a few videos together before Anthony was this popular. And, as his fame escalated, he became more private and scarcely mentioned his partner on the public platforms.

So, the answer to the fan queries, “Are they still married?”, would be, most probably yes!

Up to the latest video on ‘The Needle Drop’ posted in April 2021, Anthony still had his wedding ring (and on the right finger). It should be proper evidence that he is still married to Dominique.

Further, in a 14th February 2018-podcast, “The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd” introduced Dominique as his lovely wife. After being online after several years of not being heard of, she addressed their divorce rumor. This way, fans learned, the twosome had a mutual agreement of taking their marriage off camera.

After a while of much sarcasm, throwing funny comments, and laughing about the made-up theories, they closed the topic with a joke that in case their fans want a vlog, then they would have to promise to pay them 40,000 dollars a month. Without it, they warned, Dominique will take her time, before she appeared in his next videos.

Not to miss, they were living in Middletown, Connecticut. They reportedly share a kid that is a baby boy much about whom is yet to be told. And then, some fans comment on one of Anthony’s videos was also inferring Dominique as a mother of seven children.

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