Enes Yilmazer moved from selling real estate to making content for YouTube on the same theme and he is probably never looking back again. His content draws millions of viewers on YouTube and the channel has thrived impressively as time progressed.

So, who is Enes Yilmazer? And who is Mikey who he collaborates with frequently? And what about Enes Yilmazer’s own house? Know all about it in this Enes Yilmazer Wiki.

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Enes Yilmazer Age

As Enes Yilmazer stated in one of his earliest videos on YouTube, Enes Yilmazer was born in 1990. Moreover, he received birthday wishes from his friends on Facebook on 4 of January. He was born in January that made him 31 years old in early 2021.

Enes is a Capricorn by zodiac sign.

Enes Yilmazer Nationality: Where Is He From?

Hailing from the small town of Alacati in Turkey, Enes Yilmazer was born to his mother Tulay Yilmazer, and his anonymous father. Besides a few snaps on Facebook and Instagram, almost no information has been shared on her mother.

However, one look at his father, we can tell he is the spitting image of his old man. He lived in Turkey with his parents till he was 17. But in late March 2015, Enes earned his US Green Card earning him American nationality.

His Height: How Tall Is The YouTube Star?

Tallest in the family, Enes Yilmazer stands at a height of around 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). On top of that, he weighed about 78 kilograms (171 lbs). Moreover, he has a receding hairline which he keeps short.

He grows very short facial hair on his square face. Plus, his thick eyebrows and small eyes with little bags under each of them. He is very athletic which gave him a strong and well-maintained physique.

Enes Yilmazer Net Worth

While Enes Yilmazer’s real net worth is yet to be evaluated, he is presumed to have $1.5 million himself.

Over the years working as a real estate agent, Enes Yilmazer has seen it all.

From penthouses in New York to beach houses in Malibu, he traveled far and wide and saw mansions some of which could be listed as the wonders of the world. However, unlike many other real estate agents, he is taking it a step further and introducing the 7 to 8 figure houses to normal people and leaving them in awe through YouTube videos.

Furthermore, it has offered the chances for the potential buyers to tour the big houses without personally having to go there.

Enes runs a YouTube channel that earned 861k subscribers as of May 2021. Many comments his easy-going style laced with informational content as he walkthrough these million-dollar-listings made the success of the channel possible. And of course, don’t forget his co-creator, Michael Ayers, his long-time friend who also demonstrates his skill with camera and editing.

Talking about earnings, his monthly ad revenue on YouTube alone draws the revenue of $50,000 to $100,000. He made an estimation of $1 million in income keeping constant the growth of the channel. Let alone, the sponsors who want their real estate promoted on his channel.

But, where did all of his knowledge in real estate came from? To start, he attended Texas A&M University. He earned his BBA degree from the university in 2012. Based on his LinkedIn, he founded his real estate company Centrum Property Investment LLC in January of 2014.

Then, Enes started working for Compass as a real estate agent at the start of 2019. But, ever since his career as a real estate agent slow-paced, he turned to technology and used a different approach to demonstrate his love for crazy expensive houses.

While he is not busy exploring, Enes finds time to enjoy windsurfing which he has been doing since the age of 12. Not only for fun, but he also competed in national events of windsurfing in Turkey.

He won the Turkish National Title in 2013 and also in 2015 which he showcased on Instagram. At the age of 22, he had secured two Youth Slalom World Championship titles. But, due to his injury in the ankle by falling in 8-9 feet shallow water damaged his ankle.

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Enes Yilmazer Own House

So, the man who flipped million-dollar houses and even ran a YouTube channel based on the same theme, of course, his fans were going to ask about Enes’s house. However, Enes Yilmazer never addressed his own house on any of the social media platforms.

His Instagram, Facebook

Enes Yilmazer knows the power of social media networking so he is on all of the three platforms. Starting with Facebook, he has a page and a profile. His page was able to gather 140k followers whereas his personal profile gathered 1287 followers.

Talking about Instagram, Enes posted 500 times on the platform. There in the profile, 68.8k people followed him as of May 2021. His Twitter profile garnered 1673 followers while he tweeted 4028 times in total.

Enes Yilmazer Wife, Girlfriend

Going by his socials, Enes Yilmazer doesn’t appear to be married. But then again, he keeps his private life away from the public eyes. Not a single post hinted at Enes ever having a girlfriend.

So, does Enes Yilmazer has a wife? Probably not, it appears he is busy finding himself and his career path. He might have a girlfriend and is not ready to introduce her just yet.

Who Is Enes Yilmazer’s Collaborator, Mikey?

The one and one person Enes Yilmazer has to thank for his success in YouTube, and that is Michael Ayers AKA Mikey. After Enes saw the potential in YouTube he called Mikey and asked him to move to LA.

Together, they started attending open houses with a GoPro. They requested the agents to let them shoot. His focus on YouTube diverted his attention away from selling real estate. During the early days of working on the project together, Mikey spent several nights on the couch.

So, Mikey is not only a collaborator but also a valued friend of Enes Yilmazer.

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