Valdosta High School senior, Jacarrius Peak, starred in Netflix’s Titletown High. So, after the show, fans are concerned about where is Jacarrius Peak? What is Jacarrius Peak up to after the show?

Learn more about Jacarrius Peak Bio where we cover details on his age, parents, dating.

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Jacarrius Peak Titletown High, Where Is He Now?

Netflix’s TV show Titletown High is just like Netflix’s Last Chance U. This show is based on the Valdosta High School under controversial coach Rush Propst which premiered on 27 August 2021. The show followed the Wildcats football team and cheerleaders as they navigate personal drama, romance, and rivalries to win.

The footballers like Jake Garcia, Aalah Brown, Amari Jones, Grayson Leavy, and Javonte Sheman formed the core team. This included Jacarrius Peak a native of Valdosta, Georgia.

Jacarrius Peak Age

As of August 2021, Jacarrius Peak was 17 years old. Owing to his private nature his birthday and his zodiac sign are yet to be discovered.

His Height

At 17, Jacarrius Peak stands tall at the height of 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters) whereas his body weighed 136 kilograms (300 lbs).

Jacarrius Peak Parents

Jacarrius Peak hailed from Valdosta, Georgia, United States. Per his Facebook bio, his beloved father is no longer alive. In January 2021 his mother remarried again. Furthermore, no precise information surfaced on his parents.

Though unconfirmed, we believe that his father was Lewis Peak. Lewis died in three 18 wheeler collisions in October of 2015. But since he never gave away the precise details, confirming that Lewis is father is impossible.

However, other family members and relatives of the football player include Tarrel Peak, Ebony Peak, Eric Peak, Robert L. Peak, Marcus Peak, Angela Peak, and a few others.

His Instagram, Facebook

Jacarrius Peak goes by the handle (@JacarriusP) on Twitter. He flaunted 229 followers and 53 tweets on the platform. Likewise, he was also on an Instagram account that garnered him 1,027 followers with 13 posts.

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Jacarrius Peak Football Career

After joining Valdosta High School, Jacarrius Peak debuted as a varsity football player as a freshman in 2018. With his tall build and huge physique as his advantage, he proved his worth in every single game that he played since then.

Jacarrius plays as a high school senior and is set to graduate from Valdosta in 2022. Even though the school can’t participate in the playoffs this year owing to the controversy Head Coach Rush Propst was implicated in a few months ago, they can still have other games.

Hence, Jacarrius is currently preparing for them.

Varsity football is one of the sports that Jacarrius played in high school. He also actively played basketball for the school’s team from 2019-2021.

Jacarrius also received recruitment invitations from Eastern Kentucky University and Morehouse College but we are yet to see which college he will be choosing.

Jacarrius is deemed very athletic by his coaches and his bio also reads, “It’s not about who has more talent it’s about who’s hungrier🎒🦾”

Is Jacarrius Peak Dating Anyone?

Jacarrius Peak is a promising player and a remarkable student and these two qualities made him a cool kid and grabbed the attention of girls. So, there is no doubt that girls were all over him. He wrote a few posts that were related to his early love, but it was never confirmed whether he continued seeing them or not.

Moreover, there existed no hints regarding his current dating life. He never spoke of it, neither his social media shared any details on his dating life.

As a boy in his teens, Jacarrius must’ve had a high school girlfriend but that information also is yet to be explored.

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