When you become famous as a mother, it’s a privilege in itself. Reanna Cline, the young mother from the TLC show, Unexpected is one of the mothers, who get the support of thousands while parenting her baby.

Reanna’s life is definitely not easy, but the little one’s being is happiness and at the same time strength for her. To know how she manages her education, her relationship with Taron Ward, the baby daddy, her boyfriend, her job, and many more, read the article!

Reanna Cline Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Reanna Cline reached the age of 16 on her 2020 birthday. Although she remained tight-lipped about most of her private details, her dad’s birthday wish on Facebook assured her fans that her birthday lies in late March. Thus her late March birthday confirms her zodiac sign to be Aries.

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Reanna Cline Wiki — Mom, Dad, Hometown

As a reality show star, Reanna’s family life has been out to the public. She grew up in her hometown back in Kansas.

Reanna’s dad, Tj Cline is quite expressive about his feelings towards his daughter. She was his first baby; thus, she definitely holds a very special bond with her dad.

Similarly, with her mom too, Reanna is quite close. Her mom, Jessica, who time and again featured alongside her daughter in the TLC series, was also a teen mom. Jessica sportingly advised her daughter whenever she needed one.

However, not always did the viewers agree with Reanna’s mom’s point of view. But that would never hamper the pleasant relationship the mom-daughter duo holds.

Reanna is also very attached to her step-mom, Kayla Stafford. Altogether, she has four siblings, two sisters, and two brothers.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As a teenager, Reanna Cline stood at a height of nearly 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight of around 47 kgs goes well with each of her distinct features. Reanna is no less than a model. She’s got beautiful life, enchanting eyes, and a perfect smile that helps sparkle her overall looks.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Reanna keeps her fans and followers updated through her social media. She’s not on Twitter, but people appreciate her Facebook and Instagram activity rate.

It might be because Reanna keeps a limit on their use. On Instagram, she had over 9.8K people followed her until the end of January 2021. Reanna only had 33 posts until then. Similarly on Facebook too, she had an impressive number of people who like and follow her.

Reanna Cline Education, Job, Unexpected

Being a mother in her mid-teens, Reanna might have had a hard time managing her education, but she kept the motivation on. Her dad mentioned that he was proud of his daughter’s decision to finish school and go to college along with managing to be an amazing mom.

So, although she was yet to reveal which grade she was in, her followers were assured that Reanna did not leave her education. For a job, as most people know, Reanna is a reality show star. She’s got model-like looks and a mesmerizing on-screen appearance.

As a reality show star, Reanna was just in the term of continuing her education alongside mothering her baby. So, her actual job was yet on the way when she was doing the reality show Unexpected on TLC.

According to, the salary of the cast of Unexpected might range from $1K to $10K  for an episode.

It claimed that the show was on its path to making big and was growing day by day. So, as long as Reanna stars in the show, she might not have to think twice about getting anything for her baby and continuing her education at the same time.

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Reanna Cline & Taron Ward: Pregnant, Baby, Still Together?

Going to labor 3 months early, Reanna Cline gave birth to her baby daughter, Danica Marie Ward in 2020. She has been parenting her daughter together with her ex-boyfriend, Taron Ward.

Taron and Reanna separated when she was pregnant with Danica. So the answer to are still together, is, no, they’re not. Taron reportedly cheated on her.

However, the ex-couple kept their differences aside when it came to parenting. As a responsible mom and dad to their daughter, they’d been working together to give the best to their daughter.

About Reanna Cline Boyfriend

Following his split from Taron, Reanna had a new boyfriend. She made appearances with Logan Knopf and also posted his pictures on her Instagram.

Whatever you do, there always are people who judge you. Similar happened with Reanna as many viewers criticized her relationship with her new boyfriend.

Whatsoever, from what her Instagram posts show, her boyfriend Logan supported her in her parenting terms and loved her for all her goods and bads.


Reanna Cline and her boyfriend, Logan, with her daughter, Danica Marie Ward. (Pic- Reanna’s Instagram)

Her genuine fans and followers adored the relationship between the three and supported her for challenging the stereotypes.

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