Popstar, Dominic Fike rose from nothing to a major label signee within a short period of time. Combining alternative hip-hop with elements of Jack Johnson’s cabana pop songs, Domonic shot into popularity for the uniqueness and originality of his songs.

His massive rise in success which was questioned by many people not only shocked other artists but himself too. Nobody could digest the fact that the Florida native who was nothing a few years ago went on to sign a multi-million dollar deal.

In the article below laid out in a wiki, learn more about Dominic’s life — from his parent’s information to EPs to his net worth.

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Dominic Fike Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Dominic Fike, also known as Marty Krazz, was born in the year 1995. Thus, his age — as of 2021 — was 25. Since the day Dominic was born, he’s been celebrating his birthday every 30th of December.

Dominic Fike grew up in Naples, Florida, which is his birthplace, with his parents, and his siblings, Alex, a younger brother, Sean, an older brother, and Apple, a sister. His ethnicity is mixed as he is of African-American and Filipino descent.

An artist that can do his best to bring originality to his songs is to share his story with the whole world and it’s what Dominic has been doing.

Very oftentimes the ability of the album to sell depends on the event surrounding the release.  The release date of his project ‘Don’t Forget About Me, Demos’ was picked on the day when he had to drive his mother to the police to begin her two-year sentence for drug-related charges.

How Tall Is He?

Dominic Fike is very tall and stands at a towering height of 5 feet 11 inches. The only other trait that seems to outweigh Dominic’s physical stature is his height of success.

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Dominic Fike Net Worth, Albums, Merch

Dominic grew up in the world of music; he had learned to play guitar by ten years old. Dominic received recognition for the first time when he released his EP ‘Don’t Forget About Me, Demos’ in December 2017.

That EP caught the attention of big record labels and kind of started a bidding war. Eventually, he signed up with Columbia Records for a whopping $4 million.

In 2018, Dominic came to wider attention for the song, 3 Nights, which received favorable reviews from Billboard and Rolling Stone and even peaked within the top ten of charts in the UK and Australia.

Since then Dominic has done multiple collaborations with an alternative hip-hop band, Brockhampton. The collaborations with Brockhampton‘s Kevin Abstract have reached as high as 4 million views on different platforms.

In July 2020, Dominic released the single ‘Politics and Violence’ which did a great job in the market. Moreover, Dominic got fans from all around the world after he released his debut album ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’ on July 31, 2020.

Dominic starred alongside Lil Nas X in the music video for Brockhampton’s April 2021 single called “Count On Me”. According to GQ, the music video challenged masculinity.

At such a young age, with his incredible talent, Dominic earned himself quite a lot of money. His merch lineup also contributed to some portion of his overall fortune.

As of 2021, Dominic Fike is estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million.

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Dominic Fike Gay, Girlfriend, Dating

After Dominic Fike’s sudden rise as a song artist, it was expected that people would be interested in his personal life.

But, when people did not find anything about Dominic’s relationship life, people began to question his sexuality. Some people even labeled Dominic as ‘gay’.

However, all the accusations turned false after Dominic’s relationship life slowly began to unfold. As of this writing, Dominic was believed to have a relationship with a total of two girls.

Dominic reportedly dated Florida State University alum Shelby Tangorra. Though it was not known when the two began dating, it was clear that Shelby was Dominic’s girlfriend at one time.


A picture of Dominic’s rumored girlfriend, Diana Silvers.

By 2020, Dominic was dating Booksmart actress, Diana Silvers. Diana herself never mentioned Dominic in any interviews. However, she did mention she had a crush on a boy, who sparked her interest in photography. If the rumors were to be true, that crush would be no other than the pop-star Dominic.

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