With a massive increase in the number of people turning to the TV every day, reality TV shows have too changed themselves to adapt to the environment. Whilst there are numerous TV shows with weird but engaging premises, one that stands out is Lifetime‘s Marrying Millions.

The show Marrying Millions followed the life of couples where one partner is rich and the other is not. Season 2 of Marrying Millions which returned on the 5th of August 2020 documented the life of six couples, out of which there are one couple people are interested in, Kattie Morrow and Kevin David.

Read the article below and make sure you don’t miss out on Kattie’s life — from her family to net worth to her relationship with Kevin.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Kattie Morrow turned 23 years of age. Every 22nd February, family, and friends flooded her social media feeds with birthday messages.

What’s more, Kattie was born a Pisces.

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Kattie Morrow Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

According to her profile on, Kattie Morrow grew up in a lower-middle family in Bakersfield, California.

At birth, her family adopted her. The same family also adopted her 4 siblings: big brothers and sisters (2 each). One of her sisters is named Patrice who graduated college in 2018. As of Jan 2021, she was making her living as a Registered Nurse.

Although adopted, Kattie’s father Donald loved her and her siblings like his own.

When she was 15, Kattie went to live with her best friend Natalie’s family following her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Kattie had yet to open up about her biological parents.

Kattie Morrow Height, Weight, Measurements

There’s no question as to if Kattie is beautiful. Otherwise, a man worth 50 million dollars would not be so crazy for Kattie after all.

Kattie Morrow stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). Kattie weighs around 53 kilograms which perfectly complements her height. She is blessed with appealing measurements of 34-24-34 inches.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

As of Jan 2021, Kattie Morrow enjoyed 15.1k followers on her IG handle @kattiemorrowofficial. She also operated a separate Instagram account under the username @entrepreneurbossbabe.

Elsewhere on Twitter, some 1.1k people followed her. She had joined the app in Dec 2009.

Meanwhile, Kattie had more than 3.5k followers on her Facebook profile. She also ran a YouTube channel with 7.7k subscribers.

Kattie Morrow Job, Net Worth, Education

After acquiring her high school diploma, Kattie enrolled in the San Diego State University. She allegedly dropped out to start her own company.

However, a May 2014 IG post showed Kattie celebrating her graduation. Perhaps, she changed her mind and got back to school to get her degree.

With Kevin’s help, Kattie launched her business. However, her sleeping schedule and relaxed attitude somehow hindered the company’s growth.

As her LinkedIn profile noted, Kattie Morrow held the job title of Procurement Manager at Pendry Hotels. On IG, she branded herself as a lifestyle coach.

Throughout her career, Kattie Morrow made a respectable fortune. She is estimated to have earned a total net worth of at least $100 thousand.

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Kattie Morrow & Kevin David: Dating, Engaged, Married

Kattie Morrow met Kevin David for the first time in Mexico where she traveled to attend one of the events where Kevin was the speaker.

As Kevin saw Kattie walk through the door, he felt the need to talk to her. The two connected right away and began dating eventually.

Kattie-Morrow-Marrying Millions-Wiki-Age-Job-Height-Kevin

Kevin and Kattie pose together for Marrying Millions.

Despite Kevin’s whopping net worth of $50 million, he came off extremely frugal when it came to spending on his girlfriend. This could be seen when, in one of the preview clips, Kevin took Kattie to a restaurant and afterward suggested splitting the bill.

In another preview clip, when Kattie asked David if he had 1000$ so that she could borrow and pay her rent, David replied, “If I had like, a ‘normal person’ job, you wouldn’t ask me.”

Not only such an incident drew the ire of Kattie’s friends, but many fans of Marrying Millions were also irritated by Kevin’s act. One Instagram user wrote, “Run, girl, run!”. Meanwhile, another user wrote, “I would have never dated a guy like him. Yes, it’s important to contribute equally in a relationship when it comes to living expenses and bills as a couple sharing the same space. However, that’s a damn restaurant bill! How stingy can this man be with the woman he supposedly loves??!!”

As the season progressed, the Marrying Millions fanbase didn’t see them getting engaged and married. When David moved to Las Vegas and left her behind in San Diego, Kattie insisted he didn’t want his money. David, at the same time, worried that she would look for someone to better take care of her.

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