Kiana Parker rose to notoriety as Chet Hanks‘ girlfriend. In late March 2021, the famous son of actor Tom Hanks accused her of physically attacking him.

Read this Kiana Parker wiki to find uncovered facts about Chet Hanks’ ex including her age, job, and family. What’s more, continue reading and find truths about her height, net worth, and Instagram.

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Kiana Parker Age

On the affidavit filed in January 2021, Kiana Parker revealed she was “over the age of 18”. Eventually, she was anywhere from 26 to 31.

Meanwhile, every 10th June, Kiana celebrates her birthday. As such, she is a Gemini.

Kiana Parker Family

Kiana Parker was born to her parents: Kenneth and Katie Williams Parker. Kenneth and Katie don’t seem to be together anymore.

Kenneth, Kiana’s father, is a graduate of Lincoln High School and PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY (P.V.). Starting from 2005, he was working as Customers 1st Auto Broker.

Katie, Kiana’s mother, on the other hand, Prairie View A&M University and Alamo Catholic High School. Moreover, she is a retired educator at  Fort Bend ISD.

In her family, Kiana also has 3 siblings (all brothers): Kenneth Parker Jr., Kenyatta Parker, and Kwame Parker.

As evidenced by her photos shared online, Kiana is of African-American ethnicity.

What’s more, Kiana hails from Missouri City, Texas. However, her Facebook profile noted North Hollywood, California as her current place of residence.

Her Height

Kiana Parker stands no more than 5 feet 5 inches in height. Plus, she should weigh under 65 kilograms.

From what her photos told us, Kiana may have more than one tattoo. More so than the inks, her 38-27-39 inches measurements stood out.

Kiana Parker Job

Kiana Parker is an entrepnuer. She even mentioned her job title on her Instagram bio.

As of 2021, Kiana had two businesses— a virgin hair supplier called Foreign Hair Extensions and another called Shop Foreign Pieces. Both businesses came with their respective websites and IG profiles.

An occasional model, Kiana is also an “Amazon Seller”.

Reportedly, Kiana’s net worth, by 2021, stacked over $200 thousand.

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Social Media Reach

Until 17th April 2021, Kiana Parker enjoyed around 15.9 thousand followers on her Instagram account @iamkianaparker. Amid the domestic violence allegation, she deleted all the old posts.

Elsewhere on Facebook, Kiana had more than 4 thousand friends. However, she doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.

Kiana Parker Twins

Kiana Parker is a mother of twins named Kay’Lee and Kay’Cee Oliver. The Oliver twins even had an IG handle.


Kiana Parker with her twins (Source: Instagram)

There weren’t reports showcasing that Chet Hanks was the father of Kiana’s twins. Moreover, Kiana’s social media posts didn’t provide any insight into who her baby daddy might be.

Kiana Parker And Chet Hanks: Allegations, Lawsuit

In late March 2021, Kiana and Chet Hanks’ toxic relationship made the news. The physical altercation between them even left Chet bleeding.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Chet claimed Kiana attacked him with a knife, referencing the head injury suffered by him.

Responding to the allegation, Kiana insisted she grabbed the pot and swung it in self-defense after Chet allegedly menacingly grabbed a knife.

When Chet questions Kiana if she was going to attack him with a knife at the beginning of the video, she hits the phone out of his hand after noticing that he was filming.

The video, after fading to black, showed Chet with a bloody wound on his forehead. He then claimed Kiana attacked him with a knife to the camera.

Kiana refuted Chet’s claims on the spot. She even asked if he attacked him to a witness, who yelled “Not at all”. The mother-of-two then added that Chet attacked him first.

In the same video, Chet revealed the reason for their fight. The actor claimed Kiana turned furious after he caught her stealing. According to Chet, Kiana used his credit cards without his consent and paid rent.

The fight reportedly took place in January 2021 at Chet’s residence in Sugarland, Texas. That very month, he filed a lawsuit against Kiana, accusing her of assault and battery, and theft of the money. In total, Chet was reportedly seeking $19.6 thousand from Kiana.

On 30th March 2021, a judge ordered the suspension of Chet’s handgun license. A day later, his attorney said— “The day after Chet Hanks confronted Kiana Parker about stealing money from his credit card, while Ms. Parker was accompanied by a huge male carrying a gun, she viciously attacked Chet with a knife, which caused him to profusely bleed. It is all on video and the undisputed video tells the whole story. Her claims are completely false, fabricated and fictional.”

Meanwhile, Kiana’s attorney claimed that Kiana was under a doctor’s care at the moment. The attorney also shared she was trying to make the restraining order against Chet permanent.

Circa mid-April 2021, Kiana revealed she was suing Chet for $1 million for physically and verbally abusing her during their relationship. Her lawyers claimed Chet had showcased “an ever-escalating pattern of domestic abuse”. The lawsuit alleged that Chet called Kiana a “ghetto black bi*ch” while also threatening to blow her brains out in a murder-suicide. Kiana further claimed she swung a pot at his head after Chet came at her with a knife.

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