Competition shows really seem to be having a renaissance during this pandemic, not that they ever went out of fashion, but they seemed to be gaining even more exposure now. Talking about exposure, the news is out that Cole Walliser will be judging Hulu‘s new Competition show, called Exposure.

In this article, we introduce to you Cole Walliser as well as the show, Exposure.

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His Age: How Old Is He?

Cole Walliser was born on 15 July 1981. That means he celebrated his birthday every year on the 15th of July and was 39 years old as of April 2021.

Furthermore, because of his 15th of July birthday, his zodiac sign was Cancer.

Cole Walliser Family, Ethnicity

Talking about his family, Cole was born to parents of mixed ethnicity. His father is a white Canadian. And his mother, Glenda, hails from Chinese ancestry. It was Cole’s great-grandparents who first moved to Canada. His grandparents, on the other hand, were actually born in Canada.

Cole’s mother is a businessperson, who worked in the clothing and fashion industry. The name of her brand was Bon Retour. The name of his father was not known. And they had gone on a fun trip before the pandemic.

Moreover, in the family, Cole also has a sister named Richelle Krista. Richelle was most likely married because not only she has a different surname but she also has a son, who is featured quite often on her social media.

Cole was born and raised in the suburbs of Stevenson near Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. He grew up in a very liberal community, where race was not a defining thing. Funny thing about race, when he moved to LA, people there thought he was Spanish.

And Cole was actually very far from his Chinese ancestry, as he was a third-generation Chinese Canadian. He did not even know Chinese. However, that distance did allow him to explore his heritage on his own terms.

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Cole Walliser Height

Cole Walliser stands at a modest height of 5 ft 9 inches. Furthermore, his facial features were a dashing mix of East Asian and white Caucasian features. He has brown eyes and long curly hair, which he seems to have inherited from his father.

His Social Media Reach

As of April 2021, Cole had a massive social media reach, famous for his funny celebrity red carpet videos. And he was present on almost all major social media platforms.

On Instagram, he had 2.1 million followers. On Twitter, Cole had relatively fewer, only 13.2k, followers. Similarly, on Facebook, he had 2.6M followers. His Youtube channel had 213k subscribers.

Cole also had a Tiktok channel with 8.8M followers and 130.6M likes.

Cole Walliser Net Worth

As of 2021, Cole Walliser had amassed a massive net worth of $1 million.

Cole Walliser’s LinkedIn profile says that he is a “Director for commercial, branded and digital content”. We’ll dig into that. But first, Cole went to the University of British Columbia for his education and graduated with a BA degree in psychology.

After graduation, Cole moved to LA to pursue filmmaking. His LinkedIn profile names his works: Director for Walton Isaacson, short films director for Directors Guild of America, and executive producer for Steveston Films.

Furthermore, Cole had worked as a music director of short videos for the likes of Katy Perry, Pink, Whitney Houston, etc. He had also directed advertisements for TV networks like NBC, Comedy Central, Amazon Studios, etc.

Cole’s early short films include Night & Daze, Heaven Awaits, A Flippin’ Love Story, etc. In 2016/2017, What’s more, he directed a couple of episodes of GlamBot for E! Entertainment’s Live From Red Carpet.

In 2021, Cole was cast as the host as well as one of the judges of Hulu‘s new Competition show called Exposure. Exposure features 8 photographers, who are given many shooting materials and they have to shoot only on phones.

And Cole’s task was to use his experience with the camera and judge who is the best of the eight. And he mentioned on his Instagram that he was excited about this new gig.

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Is Cole Walliser Gay?

As far as we know, no. Cole Walliser is not gay, or at least he has decided to not come out as gay. He fully supports gay rights and if he was one, he must not have been too uncomfortable coming out.

But there were some rumors and some fan opinions that were taken by a website called According to the website, 69% of the fans thought that Cole was gay. And only 18% of the fans thought he was straight. Other 13% thought he was bisexual.

Cole Walliser Wife, Girlfriend, Karen Pang

Like with his sexuality, there were fewer facts and more speculations about Cole Walliser’s dating life. Some fans had speculated that Karen Pang, the famous model, was actually his girlfriend.

His opinion was voiced by one of the comments in Cole’s most recent Instagram post about Karen. Sadly, it was a post lamenting about Karen’s recent death. According to that post, Cole met her based on the word of their mutual friend.

On the day of their meeting, they cooked a shrimp recipe Cole’s mum had given him and had a fantastic dinner (it does sound like a date). However, it does not sound like they were actually dating for they seemed to have lost touch towards the end.

Cole remembered the last phone call between the two, in which, Karen asked him to be a sponsor for her upcoming work VISA to stay in the US and LA.


Cole Walliser with Karen Pang circa March 2021 (PC: Cole’s IG)

We do not know if Karen was indeed Cole’s girlfriend or only a friend. But that did not matter, as Cole was devastated by her death whatever his relationship with her. She died in late March 2021 in a snowmobile accident.

Most likely, Cole Walliser did not have a wife yet.

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  2. […] Lastly, Don’t Miss: Cole Walliser Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Family […]

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