If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new reality show Love is Blind, spoilers alert, because here comes a brief introduction of the premise of the show.

They bring single male and female contestants into a house. All the male contestants are kept in one place whereas the rest of the females are kept in a different place.

Each pair gets to get along with each other and date each other. But the catch is, they can’t see each other unless they’re engaged. And after the engagement, they’ll fly to Mexico for a couple’s getaway and after that, they tie knots in a beautiful ceremony. Hence, Love is Blind.

Diamond Jack is one of the few contestants who truly got the attention of fans of such a genre of the reality show when Netflix aired the premiere episodes of Love is Blind (2020). Her relationship with Carlton Morton, her ex-fiance didn’t end so well.

Welcome to the wiki-style article of Diamond Jack and her dating status and personal details after the show.

How Old Is Diamond Jack? Wiki, Bio, Birthday

Diamond Jack was born on 30 November 1991. She turned 28 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2019. Diamond was born and raised in Chicago.

Her single mother raised her and supported her while she was growing up. Because of this fact, Diamond is very close to her mother. Whereas, details on her father were unavailable.

Diamond enrolled and graduated high school in 2014.

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How Tall Is Diamond jack? Job, Love Is Blind, Net Worth

Diamond Jack stands at a moderate height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.55 meters).

Growing up in Chicago, Diamond took ballet classes when she was young. Her love for dance was immense so her parents had her enrolled in a local dance class.

Before Love is Blind, Diamond was an NBA dancer. She represented and was a cheerleader of the Atlanta Hawks.

[Love Is Blind]-Diamond-Jack-Wiki-Net-Worth-Boyfriend-Height

Diamond with other cheerleaders on 13 November 2018 (Pic: Diamond Jack’s Instagram)

On 1 February 2020, Diamond made the official announcement of starring in the Netflix series “Love Is Blind” via her Instagram handle. In the show, she got paired with Carlton Morton, and the couple heated off.

Other than that, Diamond’s Instagram bio notes that she is chairwoman of Charge Up, a cancer support organization.

Diamond Jack — with her years-long career as an NBA dancer —  stacked a handsome fortune. And with the Netflix show, her net worth is estimated to be about $300K.

Carlton Morton, Engaged, Wedding

With each passing episode, Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton were really into each other.

And on the 10th episode, Carlton proposed to Diamond — to which she happily accepted.

Diamond and Carlton were engaged for a while.

[Love Is Blind]-Diamond-Jack-Wiki-Net-Worth-Boyfriend-Height

Diamond and Carlton’s first meeting (Pic: NetFlix)

When the couple went to Mexico, as a pre-wedding getaway, Carlton made a shocking revelation regarding his sexuality. He disclosed that he is bi-sexual and had been with a man.

The NBA dancer, shocked by the news, confronted Carlton and two of them got in a pool-side argument. Diamond remarked that she felt cheated and added that he should have admitted way before they got engaged.

Carlton replied to that saying that he believed it was a face-to-face thing.

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Before they could get married, the relationship burned down in flames.

The actual filming of the show ended in 2018. And from 2018 to early 2020, the couple didn’t contact me at all. But after Netflix aired the show, the unsettled dispute was resurrected from death.

After the show, both Diamond and Carlton remarked about getting death threats. While Diamond was coping with the loss of a relationship in her way, Carlton was a little suicidal and had to go to therapy as he felt nobody supported him.

After the end of the first season, Netflix arranged for the Love is Blind Reunion.

[Love Is Blind]-Diamond-Jack-Wiki-Net-Worth-Boyfriend-Height

Carlton returning the ring to Diamond (Pic: Netflix)

During the reunion, Diamond and Carlton faced each other and buried the hatchet once and for all. Carlton apologized and returned the ring by getting down on his knees.

The Netflix star accepted the apology happily.

More on that: Carlton asked Diamond out for an apology date. But being the turmoil she had to face because Carlton was fresh, she rejected the proposal. She further remarked it will be impossible to remain, friends, after the transpired incident.

Dating Now, Boyfriend Now

After Love is Blind (2020), Diamond Jack was leading a single life (as of March 2020). Her Instagram held most of her life stories and it lacked the news of her current beau.

After an embarrassing incident in the reality show, Diamond might not be ready to start dating again any time soon.

Maybe, her relationship that gained public attention fell apart along with her first engagement. So, Diamond might as well wish to let the relationship with her boyfriend be a best-kept secret.

Either way, what happened to her after the show, Diamond surely deserves to be happy and find the one, equivalent or far better.

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