Matt Iseman is best known for being Goto Guy for the TV series Clean House Comes Clean (2007-2010) of Style Network. He also hosted a total of 8 seasons of American Ninja Warrior (ANW) on channel G4.

Besides TV appearances, Matt’s gig as a stand-up comedian garnered him widespread recognition. His materials were built around his life as a physician, which was well received.

This wiki-style article provides you information regarding the beloved TV star, so delve into it.

Matt Iseman Married, Wife & Children

The ANW host is blessed with several attributes. He is handsome, debonair, got a medical degree, so definitely smart, and an amazing sense of humor.

For an ordinary woman, Matt Iseman is the whole package and more. Yet, he hadn’t found the desirable one who could help him see it through to the end (as of 2020). At times it was unbelievable to think of him being single.

But it appeared, Matt was in no hurry to settle down for anything less than he has imagined it to be. Being a TV personality, he certainly got introduced to a lot of people, and maybe that could be the reason for him not having a relationship and a marriage.

He might be indecisive regarding the choices for the suitable lady he is secretly dating who could be his wife and have his children.

Matt’s parents were still happily married for over 56 years as of March 2020. His brother Tom has his own family with a beautiful daughter whom Matt loves so much.

Watching the success story of his dearest ones, he might also be aiming at the big prize rather than fooling around with consolations. Considering his track records, he has never failed on anything and he is certainly not going to in the relationship front also.

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Dating History, Girlfriends

As of 2020, Matt Iseman’s dating life was as private and secretive as they came. He had not left a single easter egg regarding his past relationships.

Surely Matt dated plenty, but his relationship eluded the public radar and camera lenses. He was never seen getting cozy with anyone else or publicly displaying his affections.

His posts are filled with comments and querries to know the reason behind him not having girlfriends.

The tweet dated back in 2009 mentioned about Matt having a girlfriend. K.P. Anderson mentioned moving in with Matt and his anonymous girlfriend. Though the tweet made with comic relief, the girlfriend part of it could be true.

If that is the case, then Matt truly desires not to make his private life a topic of discussion.

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Is Matt Iseman Gay? Info About Partner?

It is very common for a celebrity to be labeled gay if he/she isn’t seen with the individual of the opposite sex frequently. And NBC’s host of one of the beloved show is no exception to it.

As Matt has buried his relationship details deep inside himself, fans started assuming if he was gay. Soon after, the assumptions surfaced as a rumor but Matt didn’t break his silence on the topic.

But rather, knowingly or unknowingly, Matt started posting pictures that mocked the falsely created rumor.

In 2019, Matt appeared in the Lip Sync Battle dressed as Cher. He made sure his parents were in the spectator section enjoying the vivacious performance.

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