Lifetimes “Married at First Sight” down the years was well known for its capability to produce new couples through the show. Similarly, the tenth season of the show was no different as the show gave its fans a new and lovely couple in Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad.

Know more about the love story between the two and what it meant for both of them from the article below. In the process, get familiar with job title, height, and family background!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Unlike most of the reality show stars, Derek Sherman was a very private person in nature. 26-year-old as of April 2020, Derek also did not reveal the exact date of his birthday which automatically eliminated the chance of knowing his zodiac sign.

However, from what little was know of him, the reality star is a cybersecurity engineer and comes from a military family. As of April 2020, he was no longer married to his MAFS partner Katie and looking forward to a new chapter in his life. 

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Derek Sherman Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Since belonging to a military family, Derek Sherman learned discipline and chivalry at a very young age. He grew up in a tight knitted family, but his parents later parted their ways.

After the incident, Derek moved to Argentina where he finished most of his upbringing on his mother’s side of the family. While he did not have siblings from his parents, he managed to make friends locally.

Besides that, Derek is a man of ideas and principles. Despite seeing his parent’s marriage crumble, he firmly believed in the concept of love and marriage which brought him to the show.

Derek Sherman Job, Net Worth, Education

As for the professional side of Derek Sherman, he completed his education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. There, he studied cybersecurity and developed into a professional.

Soon, Derek continued to work in the field of his study and became and Cyber Security Software Engineer and worked in the company, Collins Aerospace since January 2018.

However, his latest endeavors included the involvement in Lifetime’s reality show “Married at First Sight” in 2020. From the show, he accumulates a healthy salary which propels his net worth to the $300K figure. Also, his job as a cybersecurity engineer serves as a great backup in his career.

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Derek Sherman Height, Weight, Other Features

Talking about the physical appearance of Derek Sherman, the dude stands tall at the height of 5 feet 11 inches. Furthermore, he possesses a muscular build.

Though the exact body weight and measurements are not disclosed, he contains an attractive face and personality. Other than that, Derek has a decent amount of facial hair and dreamy eyes.

Social Media Presence: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Derek Sherman’s rise to stardom began when he appeared in the reality show “Married at First Sight”. There, his relationship with now-former wife Katie Conrad was a hot topic.

However, he possessed only around 28.5k followers for himself on Instagram (as of April 2020).

Apart from that, Derek can be also found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Derek Sherman Wedding, Divorce, Katie Conrad

Derek Sherman’s popularity raised above expected mostly because of his relationship with Katie Conrad on the show.

The newly married couple entered the show in 2020 and straight away turned heads. As soon as they returned from their honeymoon in Panama, things looked off between the pair.


Derek Sherman and wife Katie Conrad at MAFS in 2020 (Pic:

Similarly, in one of the episodes of the show, Derek and his wife Katie admitted having a rough time with each of their respective counselors.

Despite the growing tension between the two, Derek and Katie opted to give their marriage a shot. At the time, the latter shared:

“During these past eight weeks, I’ve grown to appreciate a lot about you. You are definitely committed and dedicated to our marriage and to me but I also feel like we have struggled. Sometimes I feel like it feels like just a friendship and I have really been struggling with making this decision. I’m not ready to give up yet so I would like to stay married. We don’t give up easily…I’m not ready to give up yet.”

Amidst the discussion, there were also rumors of a possible divorce which was later confirmed by both sides after the reunion show.

On Decision Day though, Derek and Katie opted to give their marriage a shot. Two weeks later, they were living separately. To make matter worse, Katie cheated on him with her ex — a claim she continued to deny.

By the time the reunion show aired, Derek had separated from Katie.

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