Filled with an abundance of drama, love, quarrels, tears, and angst, Lifetime’s reality docuseries, Married at First Sight brings to its audiences all-new, entertaining casts, every next renewal.

Among them is Taylor Dunklin, who chose the reality television platform to find love.

How she navigates her happily-ever-after with a strange spouse?

Find out — as you closely tune on to this writing. All along, also discover her wiki, bio, job, and net worth.

Taylor Dunklin Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The Wikipedia page of “Married At First Sight” revealed Taylor Dunklin’s age to be 27.

Taylor celebrates her birthday every year, someday before mid-December. Her zodiac sign is, therefore, a Sagittarius.

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Taylor Dunklin Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Taylor Dunklin loved her family and was very close to them, especially, to her mother. She also spent a good amount of time with her aunts and cousins.

The family was very awkward when they met Taylor’s reality-TV husband, Brandon Reid, for the very first time.

Taylor’s mother did not seem to be a big fan of her getting-married-at-first-sight, and especially with the man, Taylor was vouched to.

It was quite clear that Taylor’s mother was not on board with her daughter’s partner as she poured him with some tough questions. Meanwhile, the newly son-in-law, as anticipated, failed to answer them; blaming it on his being tired at the moment.

Later, to this dismissive behavior, Taylor’s mother lectured him on how marriage was a lifelong commitment and the biggest that one will ever make. She pointed out that being tired was no reason, for him, to not have answers to “some very simple and very important questions”.

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Taylor Dunklin Job, Net Worth

Taylor Dunklin apart from being a television personality is a Research Scientist.

Although, the precise figures to her net worth, she made so far, from both of her jobs was unheard of.

Taylor Dunklin Height, Weight, Hair

Taylor Dunklin stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73 meters), and a weight which was not then unveiled.

She is a very beautiful looking lady with hair perfectly permed and partially colored, with a golden brown shade.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Taylor Dunklin went by the name Marie Taylor on her social media.

As of mid-April 2020, she had 1.32K followers on her Twitter and 13.6k people, following her on Instagram. While her Facebook account was nowhere to be found.

Married At First Sight, Brandon Reid, Divorce

The tenth season of Lifetime Married at First Sight saw Taylor Dunklin get married to Brandon Reid, a sales manager from Washington D.C. The first episode aired on the 1st of January 2020, and the union, nevertheless, resulted in a divorce.


Taylor Dunklin gets married to Brandon Reid on Lifetime’s reality show (Pic: Married at First Sight’s IG)

Eight weeks into the show, all five couples from Married at First Sight sat down with the show’s experts to decide whether they were to continue their marriage or go separate ways.

Brandon who had previously been in a feud with production— arrived late to “Decision Day”. There, he tried but failed to explain why he backed off from the show after the disagreement with the makers.

It was Taylor, who stepped up and shared her decision:

We’ve had some good times. I feel like we were on the break of starting more and new communication but with all the things that have transpired, it might not be the best for us to try to continue. With that being said, I would like to get a divorce.

And, Brandon, meanwhile, quickly walked off, with as he uttered his final words— “I’m over it.”

But then, all before this happened, the couple’s annulment was already been confirmed by the E! News.

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Taylor Dunklin Dating Derek Sherman?

Five months after the “Decision Day” took place, fans started predicting romance between Taylor Dunklin and Derek Sherman. Derek, still married to Katie Conrad, was seen being “extremely” friendly with Taylor.

But then, the friendliness, despite putting a halt to Derek-Katie marriage, gave rather a new beginning.

In an episode of 15th April 2020, Derek said they would like to give their married life a yet another chance after it survived quite some hardships in the past.

Therefore, as of the timeframe, Taylor did not seem to be dating her co-star, Derek Sherman.

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Restraining Order Against Brandon Reid

After divorcing Brandon Reid, Taylor Dunklin ran into him at a bar with a new guy by her side. According to her, she exited the building immediately — only to be confronted by Brandon on the outside.

Contradicting Taylor’s claims, Brandon alleged she pushed him and called the cops saying that he hit her.

Following the squabble, both Taylor and Brandon spent the night in jail. Furthermore, they filed a restraining order against each other.

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