Claire Barratt a.k.a. ClaireaBella had no intention to start a business. She was happy to be working for the police force as a detention officer— the job she enjoyed. A trip to Paris with her husband Jon circa 2010 changed everything.

Claire and Jon decided to have the caricatures of them painted by some talented street-artist. Despite finding the piece funny, Claire liked the way the artist had captured her eyes. So, after she returned home, she painted her creature, a more “glamorous” version with huge eyes, into a jute bag and carried it to her workplace.

Upon seeing the unique bag, one of her colleagues asked her where she had bought it. Soon the whole office knew about her creation and even placed orders for something alike.

Claire, meanwhile, had no idea that her little venture would someday turn into an established lifestyle brand name, ClaireaBella.

Get to know more about her, what became of her newfound hobby, her wiki (bio) as well as her personal life.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Claire Barratt, the resident of Yorkshire and the Humber is yet to unwrap the date she grew up celebrating her birthday, each year. For that reason, even her zodiac sign stayed unheard of.

Nevertheless, at some point in early 2020, her age was reported to be forty.

Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Childhood

In March 2020, Claire Barratt shared a heartfelt Instagram post in honor of her grandfather who lived to his last breaths, somewhere around the time. The way she reached out to express her love for him, it was apparent how she shared a very special relationship with him.

Meanwhile, further details on her parents, siblings, and the childhood she lived to, stayed a secret, as of April 2020.

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Claire Barratt Measurements, Height, Weight

In late-2013, Claire Barratt opened up to Mirror about how being a mother to a bunch of kids and having to perform the job of detention officer rarely gave her the time to put on a rocking dress, big hair, and fake eyelashes. Indeed, the white shirt, unflattering cargo pants, flat bovver boots, no makeup, and a back bun hair were what Claire referred to as her “actual reality”.

No matter how much she pressed that her police attire was not feminine enough — her well-proportioned height-weight measurements only added up to her beautiful blonde hair and mesmerizing eyes, in whatever coordinates she chose to go out in.

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Claire Barratt Job, Net Worth, Businesses

Claire Barratt is the founder of the award-winning caricature brand, ClaireaBella, which has been in the business since October 2010. Created with a mission to empower and inspire girls and women, the said brand celebrated their dreams, relationships, and individuality.

What’s more, Claire shares the foundership of the company with her husband, Jon. More so, the personalized gift company Toxic Fox held the exclusive UK license for retailing ClaireaBella’s products online.

Although it was not yet out, the digits, Claire and her hubby boasted as part of their net worth. So did, the other businesses they were involved in.

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Social Media Presence: IG, TikTok, Twitter

As of the earliest April 2020, Claire Barratt had 7.11K followers on her Instagram, four hundred something on Twitter. And most of all, she garnered 169.2K followers and 1.6 million likes on her TikTok account.

Claire Barratt Husband, Married Life, Kids

Claire Barratt got married to her husband on 20th August 2010. Together, they had a baby boy named Carter on 26th November 2018, several years after being pronounced the husband and wife.

Plus, both Claire and Jon had kids from their previous relationship.

“You have two children, I have three, it WOULD NEVER WORK”— Claire had said, somewhere around the time when Jon wanted to propose her for marriage.


Claire Barratt and her husband, Jon with their Kids at the young one, Carters’ Christening on 17 December 2019 (Pic: Claire’s IG)

On their ninth wedding anniversary, Claire dedicated a heartfelt message to her husband, via Instagram. It said:

“I never thought I could love you more then nine years ago on the day we married, how wrong was I!, you complete me, you carry me, you adore me for everything I am & your the most amazing dad our children, I watch you with them & feel envy as I wish I’d been that lucky to have had a father like you are to our children.”

Over the years, the duo parented six kids — Claire’s two sons, Tom & Bailey and daughter Amelia, plus Jon’s two daughters, Ellie & Charlotte, respectively of age 21, 16, 15, 16, and 14 (ages as of April 2020).

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