Okay! Bear with us here. Kamala Harris is the Vice-President-elect of 2020. Her husband was Doug Emhoff, a lawyer. Kerstin Emhoff is the ex-wife of Doug and the mother of his two children.

Or we could take an alternate route to introduce the readers to Kerstin Emhoff. She was a friend and supporter of Kamala Harris herself. She even worked for Harris’s presidential campaign.

Or the readers can read more about Kerstin Emhoff in the article below.

Kerstin Emhoff Bio: Who Is Doug Emhoff Ex-Wife?

Kerstin Emhoff was an American film producer, whose production company had won numerous awards.

She was born on 18 March 1967, which meant she was 53 years of age by the time this article was penned. Her zodiac sign was Pisces. Furthermore, Kerstin was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She came from a family of Swedish descent.

For her college education, Kerstin studied film at Boston University. And after that, she moved to LA to start a career in film. She started her career with a job in a small production company. And since then, she started to specialize in the job of making music videos.

Later, Kerstin went on to create her own production company called Prettybird. She was the founder and CEO of Prettybird. The company has won numerous words like Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, Cannes Lions, and many more. Also, she had personally won the News & Documentary Emmy Award in 2012.

Furthermore, Kerstin also founded an organization called Pipelines, which helped minority professionals find work in different industries.

Kerstin Emhoff was a woman of average height, although the exact numbers were not available.

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Doug & Kerstin Emhoff Children

Before marrying Kamala Harris, Doug was married to Kerstin Emhogg for 25 years. During her married life with Doug, she had two children: Cole Emhoff and Ella Emhoff.

Kerstin and Kamala were co-parenting the two children, and it seemed that they were getting along very well too.

Who Is Kerstin Emhoff’s Husband After Doug Emhoff?

As of 2020, there did not seem to be any husband for Kerstin Emhoff after her divorce from Doug Emhoff. Whether she was married or not was unknown. She did not seem so keen on sharing that information either.

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Kerstin Emhoff Relationship With Kamala Harris

One could find it weird, or one could find it inspirational, Kerstin Emhoff was good friends with the current-wife of her ex-husband, Kamala Harris. Things started when the two had to co-parent Kerstin’s two children.

The family was brought together by the responsibility of raising the children and then glued by the amazing ability of Doug Emhoff to bring people together. Eventually, Kerstin and Kamala became the best of friends.

Kerstin was also a great supporter of Kamala the politician. In fact, while Kamala was running for the President during the 2020 Democratic Party Primary, Kerstin signed up to help Harris’ campaign. She volunteered to use her creative skills for film production to help the campaign.

This friendship had a lot to do with Kerstin’s own personality. If we turn the time a few years back, to 2015, when Doug had first started dating Kamala Harris, we can see that Kerstin was not upset with the development.

Instead of being jealous or cross about it, she thought that it was cool and she even wished that Doug would not mess up the relationship.

This friendship reciprocates from Kamala Harris’s side too. In a 2019 interview, Vice President Kamala talked about her family life. In that interview, she said that Kerstin was “an incredible mother.”

Kerstin’s two children, Cole and Ella, too are very fond of Vice President Kamala Harris. Instead of calling her step-mother, which is not a very endearing word, they call her Momala, an acute amalgam of Mom and Kamala.

The family of five was already living harmoniously. And with the recent victory for Kamala Harris, their happiness would have increased ten-fold.

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