Paul Staehle made his name known to the world with his appearance in the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiance. His unique love story with a Brazilian wife, his struggles with finances, and his criminal background played a fantastic role in rising the controversies. As apparent, reality shows are all about controversies, thus, Paul’s life very soon became a matter of interest to people.

Besides all, his fight towards becoming a better person every day encouraged the audience and made them connect his story to their own stories of life’s struggles.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Paul Staehle was born on 2nd April 1983, making him 37-year-old in 2020. His April birthday seemingly clears his Aries zodiac.

He has been through multiple controversies at this young age. Long before his appearance in the reality show, Paul had intended to scam an insurer through firebombing. However, he got convicted for the crime only after a decade, in 2014.

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Paul Staehle Wiki — Father, Mother, Siblings

Paul Staehle was born to Ted Staehle (father) and Edna Staehle (mother). He or his family members have never stated about any sibling of Paul he grew up alongside.

Paul and his father had a troubled relationship for a long time. The reason for this tension was Paul’s life choices.

Paul’s past actions made him seem like a stroppy child. However, from where he is now, it is clear that Paul has revamped from his bad choices and made a great out of it.

When it comes to his mother, Paul never had a glitch with her despite his wrongdoings. TLC aired an episode of Paul’s mother Edna making a visit to his son in Brazil. There, she seemed extremely pleased to meet her grandson for the first time.

Besides, Paul’s mother had also suffered from cancer and recovered from it in November 2018.

Paul Staehle Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Paul Staehle stands tall at a height of nearly 5 feet 11 inches. His bodyweight of 89 kgs perfectly justifies his personality.

Besides his gracefully pointed chin, Paul’s alluring smile is one of his distinct features that many of his audiences are fans of.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Social media reach is an essential factor, especially for reality TV personalities. It recoups the distance between their television appearance and their latter work outside showbiz. Paul maintains that distance beautifully and keeps himself connected to fans through his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

As of Sept 2020, Paul had an admirable number of 431k followers on his IG account. He keeps posting his family pictures which have kept his account busy to this date. He is quite famous among Facebook users too. However, when it comes to Twitter, Paul is not much active. He entertained more than 8.6k followers on Twitter. Hopefully, the number exceeds by thousands in the upcoming days.

Paul Staehle Job, Net Worth, 90 Day Fiance

Paul became famous for his appearance in the reality TV show 90 Day Fiance. His appearance in the show not only raised him to fame but also disclosed his past felon. With the revelation, Paul undoubtedly got a chance to repent his past mistakes.

Although Paul paid off his accounts of the crime, he struggled to find a job due to his criminal background.

In the mids of 2018, Paul Staehle was offered a job of a manager of a storage facility by his 90 Day Fiance co-star David Toborowsky. However, nearly a month after, Paul mentioned on his Facebook wall about his job as a K9 Handler.

Hopefully, Paul Staehle’s economic battle takes a good turn and leaves him with a satisfying net worth which is currently supposedly under $200 thousand.

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Paul Staehle & Karine Martins: Married, Divorce, Kids

Paul Staehle got married to Karine Martines in November 2017. The pair met in the show 90 Day Fiance as per its theme.

Initially, Paul and Karine did online romance and faced a hard time translating. However, after meeting their online pair, both were overwhelmed and carried their romance for a long time before getting married.

Paul and Karine became parents to an adorable son Pierre Staehle in March 2019. The couple keeps posting their parenting pictures with their son on their social media accounts.


Paul Staehle poses with his wife Karine Martins and son Pierre Staehle. ( Pic: Paul’s IG)

Although the couple is fondly in love, Paul’s finances have been an issue between the two since the beginning. Paul once even mentioned that on his Facebook that he was getting divorced from his wife. However, the latter pictures of the couple opened up that they were still together.

Going by the rumors circulating in Sept 2020, Paul and Karine were having a second baby. Although the couple had not given any place for the rumors with their statements at the time, their fans seemed to be pretty sure about it. Then in October that year, the pair confirmed the baby news.

However, their fans were upset about Karine’s claims of facing a sexual assault from her husband. If the claim had stood true, Karine and Paul’s split would halt them from spotting their favorite celeb couple’s family of four. To everyone’s joy, Karrine & Paul dropped the restraining order against one another and reconciled.

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