The fans of We TV‘s Love After Lockup might recognize Brittany Santiago as a loving wife and mother who got out of her ex-felon life with great difficulty bust also grace. For everyone else, Brittany was an ex-felon and reality TV star.

Read the article below to know more about the difficult and thus interesting life of Brittany Santiago.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to the various sources on the internet, Brittany was born on 14 August 1990. She turned 30 years of age on that date in 2020.

Having her birthday on 14 August, Brittany’s zodiac sign was Leo.

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Brittany Santiago Wiki — Early Life, Family, Hometown

Brittany was born as Brittany Dodd to an American family in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her early life was very difficult. She was frequently abused and so she ran away from her family at the age of 12.

Brittany had a difficult time with her family, but not with everyone in the family. In fact, she loved her sister Nicole, who was very young when she left home, very much.

Brittany Santiago Height, Weight Loss, Measurements

Brittany Santiago was a woman of large stature. She was tall with a height of over 5 ft 11 inches. Her figures were also rather large, with measurements 35-26-35 inches. Although we do not know the exact number, her weight was well over the average.

Recently, however, Brittany Santiago had had a significant weight loss. Again, we do not know the exact numbers but the weight loss was significant.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Brittany’s social media reach was also quite significant. On Instagram, she had a massive following of 127 thousand. She earned such a huge following with 267 posts, which included pictures of her and her family, mostly her kids, sometimes her husband, and occasionally her sister.

Her Facebook page had 3.5k likes and 3.8k followers. Similarly, on Twitter, she had the following of 18.3k.

Brittany Santiago Net Worth, Job, Book

Before she nabbed a spot in We TV’s reality TV show Love after Lockup, she had a very difficult life.

After she ran away from her family, Brittany was homeless, unloved, and wound up a drug addict. When she was only 15 years of age, she was already pregnant with her first child. At the age of 18, she went to prison for the first time in a drug-related offense. She spent five years and got out when she was 23.

Brittany was arrested again at the age of 27 for conspiring to commit a robbery. However, in 2019, she appeared in Love After Lockup. That role not only gave her financial strength but also motivational guidance to lead a better life. For each episode of Love After Lockup, Brittany earned over $6000.

For over a year now, Brittany Santiago was doing a great job of not only keeping herself together but also of helping other inmates. The first step towards helping other people like her was to publish a book, a memoir, to start a conversation about at-risk people like herself.

The book was called One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets. On Amazon, the Kindle format of her book costs $9.99. Meanwhile, the paperback cost $25. Similarly, she was also on, a video-sharing website where her videos cost $40.

Thanks to all these jobs, Brittany Santiago had a net worth of $450 thousand.

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Are Marcelino & Brittany Santiago Still Together?

One of the main reasons behind Brittany’s move towards a more stable life was her relationship with her husband, Marcelino. Marcelino and Brittany first met through a pen pal website. At that time Brittany was still in jail. The couple started to exchange letters and soon the friendship turned into romance.

Soon after Brittany got out of prison, they started dating in person and decided to appear on Love After Lockup. They married on 20 August 2019. The couple celebrated their first anniversary not even a month ago.


Brittany Santiago and her husband Marcelino during their wedding day circa 2019 (PC: Marcelino’s IG)

On 13 September 2020, Brittany gave birth to their second child, Marciano Rebel Santiago, together. Before Marciano, they had a daughter called Ziola.

Marcelino not only loved Brittany for who she was and supported her recovery but he also helped her get the custody of her older kids, the ones he was not father to. During her rough years on the streets, Brittany had birthed two kids, who were both taken by CPS.

With Marcelino’s help, Brittany had already gained custody of her first child Giovanni from his father Tito. As of 2020, Brittany, Marcelino, their two kids, Zoila and Marciano and Giovanni make a happy family of five.

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