Harley Morenstein is the famous Canadian celebrity Chef, Youtuber, vlogger, and actor, who first gained popularity through his Youtube channel Epic Meal Time.

Read below to know more about Harley Morenstein, his net worth, his dating life, and to find out if Harley is married with a wife or is still in the dating arena.

Bio, Siblings, Parents

Harley Morenstein was born on 20 July 1985 to English-speaking parents in the French-speaking city of Montreal in Canada. Both of the parents of Harley were Jewish-Canadian.

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Harley has one sibling, a brother named Darren.

Weight Loss, Height, Net Worth

Harley Morenstein was born a foodie and loved food more than anything, and that was both a blessing and a curse for him.

Curse in the sense that due to his high intake of calories, Harley was obese and weighed over 130 kg (287 lbs).

By September 2018, however, Harley had turned the tables and gained the weight loss of around 22 kgs (50 lbs) and became quite a fit man for his tall height. Harley stands quite tall at the height of 6 ft 6 inches.

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Blessing in the sense that he was able to translate his love of food into a career. Harley is a food blogger and is famous for his food-themed Youtube Channel Epic Meal Time and the FYI TV show called Epic Food Empire.

Harley has also starred in quite a few movies. Thanks to his widely popular Youtube channel, TV Show, and the movies he has been on, Harley’s net worth was estimated to be over 6 million dollars in 2012.

Is Harley Morenstein Gay? Wife, Dating

In 2015, Harley Morenstein announced Andee Jaclyn as his girlfriend. Since then the couple’s dating was public as they were seen together in quite a lot of Harley’s Youtube videos.

The romance went for a few years. Then, Harley and wife hopeful Andee stopped being public, the reasons behind which were not known. The lastest they were seen together was in 2018.

Harley Morenstein and his girlfriend Andee Jaclyn circa 2017

Since the said sighting, there was no news of what happened to the relationship. It could have gone either way. Harley could have married Andee and made her his wife of they could have broken up.

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In late 2019, Harley posted on Instagram saying that he loved the boys like himself, which led many people to speculate that he was actually gay. And that was the reason why he was no longer seen with his girlfriend. However, that could easily have been a joke.

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