Nat Geo’s Emmy winning series Life Below Zero was back for its fourteenth season in September of 2020. And with the show, one of its prime protagonists Sue Aikens had also returned.

Read the article below to know everything there is to know about Sue Aikens, including the hot topic of her weight loss.

Sue Aikens Wikipedia

Born as Susan (maiden name unknown) on 1 July 1959, Sue was 57 years of age by the time the fourteenth season of Life Below Zero was released in September 2020. She was born in a small village of Mount Prospect One, Illinois. But her hometown, the place where she actually grew up, was rural Alaska in the vicinity of the Fairbanks city.

In her early years, before settling down in Alaska, Sue moved a lot with her parents. When she was the age of 12, her parents divorced, she moved with her mother to Alaska. However, her mother could not stand Alaska for long and left her in the care of a family friend. She grew up parentless in harsh Alaskan weather.

As an adult, Sue lived for a while in Oregon. But her love for Alaska brought her back to the northernmost frontier and for 17 years she was living in the Kavik River Camp.

There was no information about her siblings, nor was it known if she had any siblings.

Having her birthday on 1 July, her zodiac sign was Cancer.

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Her Weight Loss Journey

Since she first appeared on the most recent season of Life Below Zero, the talks were rife about her weight loss were rife. Apparently, since October 2018, Sue Aikens had lost over 75 pounds of weight.

The success of her weight loss journey goes to the healthy lifestyle that she adopted after struggling with old injuries. Sue started to do a lot of physical work, or rather she started to do a lot of usual works physically. That means, she stopped using machines to do the everyday chores for her.

According to Sue herself, she lost her weight so that she was in a “much healthier peak to withstand the next phase of her life”. Sue also did frequent makeovers with her friend, makeover professional, and Youtuber Sarah Nelson Makeup.

Sue Aikens stood at a height of 5 ft 5 inches.

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What Is Sue Aikens Net Worth?

Since her childhood in Alaska, Sue had started to like life in the wild and far from modern civilization. Except for the period of 17 years when she was married, she lived most of her life in Alaska. There was no information about what she jobs she held during her married life, or if held any.

After marriage, however, she moved to Kavik River Camp in northern Alaska, some 200 miles north of the arctic circle. If any tourist wanted to visit northern Alaska, Kavik River Camp was a place where they could stay.

Her love for the wild and life of a recluse also became the career choice of hers. Apart from owning and operating the Kavik River Camp, she was also a TV personality. Before landing her place in Life Below Zero, Sue showed the audience the glimpses of her nomadic life in Sarah Plain’s Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska.

In 2013, Sue Aikens’ was cast as one of the subsistence hunters to be featured in Nat Geo‘s award-winning documentary series, Life Below Zero. Sue eventually became one of the longest featuring and main members of the show.

By 2020, Sue had appeared in all of the 14 seasons of Life Below Zero. Overall her journey in the Life Below Zero had been good, except for a snowmobile accident in 2015. She sued the network for that fiasco, claiming that it was one of the producers who had forced her to go in the said snowmobile.

In the last seven years with Life Below Zero, Sue Aikens had been earning $200 thousand annually. From those primary sources of income, her net worth was almost $2 million.

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Who Is Sue Aikens Husband?

Now the interesting bits, i.e. Sue Aikens’ personal life. According to our sources, Sue had had two husbands in the past (that we knew of). Not much was known about her first husband except that he died young due to the brain tumor.

On 13 June 1987, Sue Aikens married Eddie James Aikens. The newly-wed husband and wife moved to Oregon and lived there together for nearly 17 years, until their divorce.

With Eddie, she had two children, a daughter, and a son. Both of her children were grown up and married. Her son got married in 2016. It was not known when her daughter was married but she gave birth to a child, Sue’s grandchild, in 2020.

Sue was very close to her children, often posting pictures together on Instagram, also with her ex-husband Eddie. Eddie died in 2009.

Currently, Sue Aikens had a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Michael Heinrich. Since her divorce with Eddie, Sue had been living in Alaska. Michael, on the other hand, was a New York native and currently lived in Milford, Pennsylvania. Thus, the long distance.

Michael Heinrich is a journeyman electrician based on Milford. He was most likely born in 1969 and was 51 years of age at present.

According to Sue, her children did not get along with Michael at first. They feared that he might try to change Sue’s free-spirit. As the relationship progressed, Sue continued to be free-spirited and Michael did nothing to change her. Eventually, Sue’s children started to like him.


Sue Aikens and her boyfriend Michael Heinrich went vacationing to Cancun circa 2019 (PC: Sue’s IG)

For now, Michael Heinrich was only Sue’s boyfriend and not yet a husband. Whether or not that status will change in the future was hard to say.

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