If you watch Love After Lockup you might know Marcelino Santiago as a great man who saved his girlfriend (and later wife), Brittany, from her life of crime and brought her to the mainstream folds of society.

Read the article below to know more about Marcelino and he was able to save his woman. Also, find out more about the said woman.

Marcelino Santiago Age, Birthday, Zodiac

According to the various sources on the internet, Marcelino was born on 24 June 1978. Hence, he turned 42 years of age on that date in 2020.

Having his birthday on 24 June, Marcelino’s zodiac sign was Cancer.

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Marcelino Santiago Wiki — Early Life, Family, Hometown

There wasn’t much information regarding Marcelino’s early life. It was highly likely that he came from a Hispanic immigrant family. He was a California native but which city or town of the state of California was actually his hometown was not known.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Marcelino Santiago is a tall guy with a height of almost 6 ft 1 inch. He had a weight of around 80 kgs.

Among his distinctive features were his brown complexion, bald head, and a very charming goatee.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

When it came to his reach on social media reach, Marcelino had quite a following. On Instagram, he had 49.2k followers. He had 318 posts, mostly the pictures of his two kids (we will come to them later). If we could be excused of some guesswork, we would even say that almost 80 percent of his Instagram posts featured his kids.

He did not seem to be present on Twitter or on Facebook.

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Marcelino Santiago Net Worth, Job, Career

While Marcelino Santiago was a great guy who pulled Brittany out of her life on crime, but when it came to the occupation, he had some shortcomings. Apparently, he did not want to take a 10-5 job and, in his own words, “take orders from a 23-year-old snot nose”.

Marcelino was very interested in poker and wanted to play professionally. To his credit, he was able to turn what was once his addiction into a career. However, his poker career was not an immediate success. At the time when he and Brittany were facing financial problems, his poker career was not able to provide enough money to the family.

In such circumstances, Brittany wanted him to take a regular job but he was unwilling.

Furthermore, both Marcelino and Brittany appeared on We TV’s popular reality show Love After Lockup. And the producers of the show paid them significant amounts each month. According to our sources, the couple brought home more than $6000 for each episode.

Marcelino Santiago had also had a job as a model back in his youth. As of September 2020, his net worth was not more than $200 thousand.

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Are Marcelino & Brittany Santiago Still Together?

There was no information about his dating life before Marcelino started going out with Brittany. The couple first started going out when Britanny was still in prison. They found each other through a pen pal website and after a few letters they started to fall for each other.

When Brittany got out of jail two milestones happened to their romance. First, they decided to get married, and second, they decided to appear on Love After Lockup. They married on 20 August 2019. In the same year, they also appeared on the second season of Love After Lockup.

On 20 August 2020, they celebrated their first marriage anniversary. And not even a month later, on 13 September 2020, they had their second child, Marciano Rebel Santiago, together. They had hidden their first child Zoila Santiago from the public for a long time.


Marcelino Santiago with his wife Brittany Santiago and their two kids Zoila and Marciano circa 2019 (PC: Brittany’s IG)

Together, Marcelino and Brittany had gone through some tough times: Brittany’s prison years, Marcelino’s gambling addiction days, when Brittany was fighting for the custody of her son Giovanni from her previous relationship, and the financial hardship that legal battle ensued. And then Marcelino’s cheating rumors.

The sneak-peek of the episodes of Love After Lockup hinted that Marcelino was lying to Brittany and might also be cheating. The couple was fighting in the clip and the speculation about what might happen to their relationship was rife.

For now, Brittany and Marcelino were still married and still together. However, there was no telling what might happen to their relationship in the future. To find that out, the readers would have to watch Love After Lockup.

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