Growing Up Hip Hop star Briana Latrise had an anxiety attack during the filming of the show’s episode 19 aired in 2020. It caused the cast to be more concerned than they already were about her eccentricity.

American actress, blogger, and photographer Briana has a life full of twists and turns. Growing up in New York, she was subjected to the various complications of a progressive society.

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Briana Latrise Wiki, Parents, Age

Adding just a freckle to her starry life, Briana Latrise turned 33 last August 3, 2019. Born to Kendu Issac’s teenage relationship, Briana’s biological mother had chosen to remain anonymous.

Briana’s father, Kendu married Maurine (Briana’s ex step-mother) while Briana came five years of age. They were blessed with two children Jordan Isaacs and Nas Isaacs.

Kendu divorced Maurine after eight years of marriage and was married to Mary J. Blige (singer/songwriter) on 7 December 2003. Regrettably, they accused each other of various allegations and divorced on June 20, 2018.

Nevertheless, Briana was always on good terms with her parents.

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Briana Latrise Net Worth, Jobs, Height

Briana Latrise stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (179.8 centimeters).

Talking about her job, Briana is the founder of Tuesdays At Heart. She worked as the consultant for With Love Productions (Chicago wedding photography & video company) and as an event producer for DF Enterprises that jobed many bodies until 2020.

She is also the author of the underrated television series The People in the Back. It never fell under the light around her other gleaming achievements.

Briana’s net worth was $37 Million by 2020.

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Briana Latrise Boyfriend, Married, Baby

Briana Latrise’s unhealthy relationship with Iman Omari came to light when she uploaded videos on Instagram of her being physically harassed on July 8, 2016. She spoke against domestic violence and his abusive behavior along with the video uploaded.


Briana Latrise and her ex-boyfriend, Ed Williams around mid-2019 (Source: Briana Latrise’s Facebook)

Later, she dated Ed Williams until 29 November 2019, where she realized the man she dated was married to another woman with a child. She regretted that she was cheated upon and was single until Feb 2020.

Briana’s handsome son named Mercury Turner was born in 2013. She had chosen not to let the media recognize the biological dad as of early 2020.

Unmissable Facts!

  1. On 3rd August 1986, Briana was born in New York, USA. Interestingly, her birthday falls on National Watermelon Day.
  2. In March 2009, Briana joined Twitter. By Spring 2020, the reality TV star had collected 10k followers on the platform.
  3. Around 2.7k people followed Briana’s Facebook profile. At the same time, he flaunted 3.3k likes on the social media giant.
  4. By far, Instagram was Briana’s favorite medium to connect with her fans. As of April 2020, she had uploaded 197 IG posts.
  5. Going by the biographies on her social media, Briana loved identifying as a writer and an artist. Somehow, the tag “reality star” seemed inadequate.

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