Jesse Napier is the brother of the HGTV star, Ben Napier.

Ben, if you aren’t aware, stars in the home renovation show “Home Town”. He and his wife, Erin became an HGTV staple after the Jenna Keane-created show began airing in 2016.

This Jesse Napier bio reveals unmissable info about Ben Napier’s brother like his wife, age, and height. Similarly, it delves into his net worth, baby, and job.

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Jesse Napier Age

On 5th November 2020, Jesse Napier turned 27 years of age.

Because of his 11/05 birthday, Jesse was born a Scorpio. Thus, he exhibits traits like artistry, shyness, and a determined personality.

Jesse Napier Brothers

Jesse is a native of Laurel, Mississippi. He and his 3 brothers were born to their parents: Wayne and Bennie Napier.

Bennie, who turned 67 in 2021, hails from Collins, Mississippi. Her maiden name is Kay. Moreover, she is a seamstress.

Wayne, meanwhile, reached the age of 65 in Dec 2020. Born in Baldwyn, Mississippi, he possesses a Scottish bloodline. Previously, he worked as a pastor.

Jesse’s brother, Ben Napier doesn’t need an introduction. On the other hand, their brother Sam Napier is a math professor. Likewise, their remaining brother Tom Napier operates an operating business.

His Height

Surely, Jesse Napier stands around 6 feet 4 inches in height. If true, he measures only two inches shorter than his brother, Ben Napier.

As for his weight, Jesse should weigh more than 95 kilograms. Should he decide to lose weight, Jesse would make the fan happy.

Is He On Twitter And Facebook?

Until 12th April 2021, Jesse had around 120 followers on his Twitter handle @NapewiththeJ. Meanwhile, his Facebook had around 600 friends and family.

However, nothing cemented Jesse’s celebrity status other than his Instagram which enjoyed 3.2 thousand followers.

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Jesse Napier Net Worth

Jesse Napier’s reported net worth crosses $800 thousand. His brother, on the other hand, has a fortune of $5 million.

As for his job, Jesse Napier joined “Morgan Brother Millwork” as its Shipping Coordinator in March 2020. A year on, he still held the gig.

In 2021, Jesse was also working as a Carpentry Associate at “RTR Media Inc”. He joined the company in August 2019.

From December 2018 until August 2019, Jesse was an Account Executive at “Eagle Transportation LLC”. There, he was in charge of his freight accounts, found drivers, and dispatched them. Jesse also scheduled appointment times for pickup and delivery. ( Moreover, he quoted current and potential customers’ freight lanes.

Between March 2017 and December 2018, Jesse was a Shop Foreman at “Laurel Mercantile Company”.

According to Home Town’s IMDB page, Jesse Napier was a production assistant for the show’s 3 episodes in 2017.

Jesse joined Jones County Junior College in 2017. She left the college a year later with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management. Later, he acquired his BBA from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Jesse Napier Wife

Jesse Napier married his wife, Lauren Tedford in the Summer of 2019. The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary on 15th June 2020.

On the day of their wedding, Jesse wore a blue suit. Lauren, on the other hand, looked beautiful in a sleeveless gown.

A little info about Jesse’s wife: A native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Lauren was born to her parents: Lynn Hedgepeth and Sonny Tedford. Plus, she kept her IG handle @ltnapier private.


Jesse Napier and his wife, Lauren (Source: Instagram)

In October 2020, Jesse and his wife, Lauren purchased their first home in Laurel, Mississippi. The purchase came months after their relocation to the city from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Ben and Erin reportedly helped the pair settle down.

On 2021 Valentine’s Day, Jesse revealed he and Lauren were expecting their first child via Instagram. 2 months later, Ben and Erin shared they were pregnant with their second child.

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