Who is Ben Azelart? He is a skateboarder, he is a videographer, he is a social media comic, he is Youtuber, and he is a Tiktok star. But wait that is not nearly enough. Ben’s life is richer and funnier than those headings suggest.

Read the article below to know more about the social media star.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Ben Azelart was born on 10 January 2002 and turned 18 years of age on that day in 2020. Ben celebrated his eighteenth birthday with close friends, including his girlfriend, her brother, and his brother.

On his 18th birthday post, Ben claimed that 2019 was the best year of his life and hoping to make 2020 even better. Having his birthday on 2 January, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

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Ben Azelart Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Ben Azelart was born to parents Jill and Lionel Azelart in Texas, United States. Ben’s ethnicity is predominantly white with a Frech ancestry on his father’s side.

Furthermore, Ben grew up with one sibling, an elder brother called Julian. Julian was a photographer and also a social media star with a lot of followers.

Ben Azelart Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Ben Azelart stood at quite a tall height of 5 ft 11 inches and weighed 73 kgs or 161 pounds. He had quite an athletic build with a muscular body, despite his young age, with quite pronounced abs.

One of the most distinctive and quite alluring of Ben’s features were nice brown hair.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube

We should start by saying that Ben Azelart is a star, not an Instagram-star, not a Youtube-star, not a Tiktok-star, but a star in general. Because Ben is a star everywhere. Ben is primarily famous for his weird and nonsensical and funny videos with his friends.

And these videos can appear on Instagram, or Youtube, or Tiktok, or all three of them. On Instagram, Ben’s videos had earned him 5.3 million followers by Summer 2020. On Youtube, 4 million subscribers waited for his videos. His following on Tiktok was even larger with 9.5 million people.

Ben Azelart Net Worth, Merch, Movies & TV Shows

Apart from his primary job as a social media entertainer, Ben had also starred on a few TV shows. In 2018, Ben appeared in a couple of series. One was a reality-show called Bucket List, where Ben and his friends went on a journey to ticks items off their bucket list.

In the same year, Ben appeared in a Scifi series called Brobot with his girlfriend. Ben played the role of Bobby, and his girlfriend played the main character of Max. Circa 2020, Ben appeared on an episode of a Netflix sitcom called Family Reunion in the role of Zach.

Meanwhile, Ben was also a little bit of his merchandise, mostly red hoodies with Azelart on the back. He often appeared on his social media promoting his merch.

All in all, Ben Azelart was essentially a millionaire. With the amount of his following on his social media, it was estimated that Ben Azelart earned over $2 million every year. From that figure, we could make a sound guess that Ben’s net worth was well over the 1 million dollar mark.

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Ben Azelart Girlfriend, Gay, Dating

Now, let us talk about this girlfriend we had mentioned before. Ben Azelart was once in a very stable relationship with his girlfriend Lexi Rivera. It was not known when exactly did Ben and Lexi start dating but it had been a long while by 2020.

However, a report by Distracitfy suggested Ben and Lexi began dating around 2018.


Ben Azelart and girlfriend Lexi Rivera together on the occasion of Lexi’s 2020 birthday (PC: Ben’s IG)

Ben and Lexi were not only girlfriend and boyfriend but also partners in their social media presence. Often, Ben and Lexi appeared together in either’s a video doing crazy, funny things together.

There were a few rumors and curiosities regarding Ben and his dating life. One such speculation was that Ben was romantically involved with another girl called Lexi Hensler. However, that was found to untrue. Lexi Hensler was good friends with not only Ben but also with his actual girlfriend Lexi Rivera.

Another curiosity was that if Ben was gay. But as far as Ben had decided to open up about his sexuality, he was not gay. Rather he was in a happy straight relationship.

And seeing the joy radiating from them while appearing in their video, it appeared that their relationship was going great.

Sadly, Ben and his girlfriend announced their split in November 2020. Sharing a video, Lexi shared that their romance had witnessed ups and downs over the years. For his part, Ben admitted they chose to appear perfect for the cameras.

That said, Ben and Lexi threw a lifeline at die-hard fans claiming they hadn’t completely shut the door on their relationship.

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