While the LGBTQ community over TikTok was thriving in 2020, there appeared a new icon; Avery Cyrus who amassed over 4 million followers, having only started her account in July 2019.

Unlike other top creators who posted recreations of viral TikTok lipsyncs and dances, Avery’s content was a little different. She focused less on the trends and more on giving her own seasoning to each video.

Here is everything you need to know about Avery over this wiki-style article.

Avery Cyrus Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Related To Miley Cyrus?

Avery Cyrus was born and raised in Colleyville, TX alongside her younger brother named Jake.

Find Jake over Instagram @jake.b_3100.

She shared that growing up with siblings has its perks and demerits. While they may be there for you to support you, they will also be there to annoy you. Over Twitter, she wrote,

“#GrowingUpWithSiblings Me: mom, can I go to the movies  Mom: take your brother”

For those who are curious if Avery Cyrus is related to the singer Miley Cirus, the answer is “No, she is not”. Though Avery often tagged herself as Miley over Instagram, it just seemed to be for fun and she never received any kind of help from the Cirus family.

Moreover, Avery’s real last name is Blanchard.

As for Avery’s parents, they appeared a few times over her Instagram. 

Trivia: In July 2017, she uploaded a picture with her dad while they visited Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.

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Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Avery Cyrus was born on May 23, 2000. That made her 20 years of age in 2020.

Corresponding to her birthday, Avery is of the Gemini zodiac.

As for her interests, she loved traveling and adored dogs.

Avery Cyrus Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Mentioning her distinct features, Avery has green eyes and a beautiful smile. Also, she had her ears and nose pierced. Apart from this, if you follow her regularly, you might have also noticed her chiseled abs. 

Furthermore, Avery Cyrus stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm) and weighs 54 kg (119.05 lbs).

Avery Cyrus Net Worth, Merch, Education

Avery Cyrus’s net worth was under $250 thousand in 2020. However, her net worth was soon to rise along with her growing popularity.

As for her earnings, we may credit it to her sponsors from Instagram and TikTok. Avery endorsed brands like Dermalogica, Lumineux, Neutrogena and often promoted the unisex underwear brand, Woxer.

Also, Avery sold her merch at “” and “Babyface Club”. It included everything from shirts, shocks, tops to phone cover, mug, and stickers.

Furthermore, she was also available on Cameo @averycyrus.

In 2020, Avery was managed by Dylan Saborio from Team Color Sound.

For education, Avery reportedly attended the University of Houston after graduating from high school.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

Before October 2020, Avery flaunted 288K followers over Instagram @itsaverycyrus and 22.2K followers over Twitter @itsaverycyrus.

Her Tiktok account had a whopping 4.2M followers.

Avery Cyrus Sexuality — Lesbian Or Bisexual?

As Avery had no reported boyfriend before 2020 and judging by her dating history, many might be confused if she is a lesbian. But we are here to let you know that Avery Cyrus identifies herself as bisexual.

Furthermore, Avery has been featured in many LGBT contents including Sarah Barrios music video, “Somebody I’m Proud Of”.

Avery Cyrus Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Partner

Avery Cyrus was dating the TikTok star, Soph Mosca in 2020.

Soph first appeared over Avery’s Instagram on May 28, 2020. The couple were pictured lying above each other captioned,

“This is paradise”

Likewise, Avery first appeared over Soph’s Instagram 2 days later. Soph had captioned, 

“ur local mermaids”

So, it might be around the same time they started dating. And as of October 2020, the duo seemed “happily in a relationship”.

Similar to how Avery called herself “Miley”, she liked to Soph, “Shark”.

Just in case you don’t know Avery’s girlfriend; Soph Mosca is a dance and lip-syncs content creator over TikTok with over 1.1M followers. She was a competitive dancer and singed with the same management team as Avery, Team Colour Sound in early 2020.

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