Zhang Yiming, founder of ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok stepped down from his position as a CEO in 2021. Ever since then, people have wanted to refresh information about his life and career. ( People are particularly interested in knowing about his married life.

So, scroll down to learn more about Zhang Yiming such as details on his wife, and his family.

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How Old Is He?

In April of 1983, Zhang Yiming was born in China. He turned 38 years old in 2021. His birthday remains arguable as of the time of this writing. Zolpidem However, he owned Aries as his zodiac sign.

Zhang Yiming Parents, Siblings

Zhang Yiming was born to his anonymous parents in the city of Long Yan of the Fujian Province of China. The Millenial was born into a middle-class family around the time when China had just announced an open-door policy.

While The Atlantic stated that his father worked as a librarian, some other sources stated that he was among the government workers who were assigned to manage an electronic processing plant. Unlike other parents who were authoritarian, Zhang’s father and mother applied a permissive parenting approach, meaning he could follow his passion and envision his future.

Meanwhile, Zhang’s mother was reported to be a nurse according to The Atlantic.

There existed no details on his possible siblings.

Zhang Yiming Height

Zhang Yiming stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters) to talk about his physical measurements. Whereas, he weighed about 68 kilograms (149 lbs) in 2021.

In addition, Zhang puts on a pair of glasses to support his vision, which happens to be his distinct features.

His Instagram, Facebook

Since most of the apps used outside China are practically banned in China. The country doesn’t have any connection outside, so Facebook is practically banned inside China and that includes Twitter and Instagram.

Instead, China has its own social media platforms where Zhang must’ve created a public profile that we don’t know of.

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Zhang Yiming Salary, Net Worth

Now, Zhan Yiming sits on a total net worth of $44 Billion as of this writing.

All because of his father’s job in the electronic factory, Zhang had an early exposure to cutting-edge technology and equipment. Fascinated by the dinner table talks, he quickly developed a mindset for entrepreneurship.

During his high school years, he focused on chemistry and math. However, the accident in the chemistry lab made him realize computer science was a much better career path for him to choose. At the Nakkai University, he majored in computer science.

Zhang Yiming was known in the university as a quiet and reserved individual. The genius within himself shone after his excellent performances in the school. This made him a popular kid in the university.

He was known for performing wizard work related to the computer, so any problems related to the computer, his friends would come asking for help.

After graduating from the university, Zhang and his wife moved to Beijing. He received a call one night from older university alumni. He was asking to partner with him in the new project. They were working on identity and access management systems.

Zhang and his partner formed the startup but it failed within a year. Then he formed KUXUN.COM It was China’s first travel app. Later, it was acquired by Tripadvisor. Later, it was sold to Meituan Dianping. He also briefly worked for Microsoft but later quit as he believed he won’t be able to make much impact in the large corporation.

Then Zhang developed a real estate app titled He launched 6 applications and attracted 1.5 million followers in total. He later stepped down from the position of CEO of Then he formed his new company ByteDance, the company that owned TikTok.

Zhang Yiming Wife

As the story told by YouTube’s CHOSEN3, one time on a winter afternoon, Zhang Yiming was working on a project in his dorm room. He left a message on a BBS which was from a girl in his school. In the message, she wrote that her computer broke down the night before.

So, she asked Zhang for help. To which, he agreed and fixed her computer later that day. When the fixing was done, she was surprised by his work and he was mesmerized by her beauty. Zhang Yiming was too close to the puzzle, but little did he know that the girl he met would become his wife.

As the rumor exists, due to the hectic work schedule of Zhang, he and his mystery wife never even had a wedding ceremony. So, they also don’t have any wedding photos or have gone on any honeymoon.

They were above the conventional definition of being a couple. Their idea of going on a date meant playing chess on the iPad, debating on business management, and discussing the user experience on the new app.

Does Zhang Yiming Have Kids?

As far as we know, Zhang Yiming and his beloved wife don’t have any kids as of 2021.

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  4. […] More From Us: Zhang Yiming Wife, Kids, Height, Parents, Siblings […]

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