Dwaine Edgar is best known as the son of Daniel Edgar of History Channel’s Swamp People. Compared to his brother Joey, he was often absent when it comes to handling the family business because of his baseball career.

So, scroll down this Dwaine Edgar Wikipedia to learn more about Daniel Edgar’s son.

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Dwaine Edgar Age

Born in 1972, Dwaine Edgar turned 48 years old in October of 2020. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on 25 October making him a Scorpio by zodiac sign.

Dwaine Edgar Ethnicity

Daniel Edgar, son of Rufus Edgar and Bertha Edgar, had two sons with his first wife Juanita Broussard. One of the sons was Joey Edgar who spent years handling the family business. Whereas, the other was Dwaine Edgar, who was once a gifted baseball player and helped his family out occasionally.

Dwaine and his brother Joey hailed from their hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. The Edgar boys inherited Creole heritage on the mother’s side. However, the marriage of his parents ended because of his father’s tiring work schedule. In the own words of Daniel—”I worked seven graveyards and I shrimped during the day. The only sleep that I got was to try to take a little cat-nap at work.

Despite the split, Dwaine’s parents maintained a good relationship with each other for over a decade. However, she passed away in 2018, at the age of 68. Daniel married his second wife Mandy who belonged to a Cajun family in the Lafayette area. Together, they shared one daughter Danielle who is now married and has her own kids.

Like his previous marriage, her marriage with Mandy also ended because of his dedication to building a seafood business. Daniel along with his 5 siblings was supported by his family’s fishing business which they learned from their grandfathers.

Eventually, the knowledge, they passed it down to their kids and grandkids. Dwaine always provided the freedom to choose their own career path for their kids. While Joey worked closely with his father, Dwaine pursued a thriving career as a baseball player.

His Height

According to the MLB profile of Dwaine Edgar, he stands tall at a height of 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters). On top of that, he weighed 86 kilograms (190 lbs) which fluctuated over the years.

Furthermore, Dwaine has a receding hairline that made his forehead look large. But, he often put on caps to cover for the hair that he lost since his days in New York Yankee.

His Instagram, Facebook

Dwaine Edgar was always a private individual. Taking his absence into consideration, we can deduce his disinterest in being on social networking platforms. This might be the reason, that couldn’t be discovered on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Dwaine Edgar Net Worth

Dwaine Edgar never spoke about his personal net worth. However, several online sources claimed that he accumulated a handsome net worth of $400 thousand from the seafood business.

After completing high school in his hometown of Louisiana, Dwaine Edgar attended Southern University and A&M College (Baton Rouge, LA). The freedom to follow the passion that his father graciously provided to his kids made Dwaine thrive in baseball.

Dwaine started playing baseball from an early age. Then, he kept on playing baseball in his high school years and continued playing through college. In the 1994 MLB June Amateur Draft, he was picked by New York Yankees in the 15th round.

The Louisiana-native played in the position of Relief Pitcher. He compiled a career record of 0 wins and 2 losses and a 10.54 ERA in his 14-game pitching career with the Oneonta Yankees. He only played during the 1994 short-season A in New York-Pennsylvania League.

But, instead of pursuing a further career in baseball, Dwaine decided to get back to his hometown to support his family business. Both Dwaine and Joey involved themselves in the seafood business operating with St. Mary’s Seafood Incorporated.

Since his father was getting older, Joey took over more responsibility out of his father’s hand. The company thrived enough to make 400 thousand to 500 thousand of catch a day. The plant, however, could only process up to 400 thousand IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fish.

The family also owned 500 acres of Crawfish ponds where they farmed thousands of pounds of crawfish annually. Besides fishing, they also gained recognition as a crawfish wholesaler. Whereas, their company sold 18 to 20 million pounds of bait annually.

Then, Dwaine’s father Daniel, and his brother Joey starred in History Channel’s Swamp People in 2014. Not only they demonstrated their lifestyle catching alligators in the show, but showcased their Creole heritage on the TV shows. Besides being a businessman, the Edgars became a celebrity after starring in the show.

Dwaine Edgar Wife

According to AncientFaces, Dwaine Edgar reportedly married thrice. First, he tied the knots with his wife Crystal L Edgar on 23 June 1993. Together they had a son named Alexx Edgar. However, according to the record based in Harris, Texas, he divorced his wife on 30 August 2001.

Based on the same report, following the divorce, Dwaine met Leonor Menchaca. Five years after the end of the baseball star’s first marriage, he married Leonor in 2006.

Whereas other reports showed, Dwaine Edgar married his third wife, Adrienne Marie with whom he had three children; Dorien Edgar, Alexx Edgar, and Jolie Edgar.

About Dwaine Edgar Son

Dwaine Edgar’s son Dorien Edgar is the rightful heir of the family business. He learned all the ropes from his father and his grandfather. His father, Dwaine was credited for the success in the alligator business.

And, the family awaits to inherit the business to Dwaine Edgar’s son. Whereas Distractify reported, he got into the oil business in Texas and Oklahoma leaving the alligator hunting business. So, the senior member of Edgar’s family is plotting to make him stay to inherit the family business.

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