Jimmy Marchica and his wife Wendy Waters-Marchica are the cast members of the TLC’s new show You, Me & My Ex. This show revolves around the life of a couple and their intimate relationship with their ex-partner and all the complications it brings along.

Delve into this Jimmy Marchica Wiki to learn more about where we cover his age, family details, job, details on wife, and kids.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Jimmy Marchica Age

Born in 1967, Jimmy Marchia was 54 years old as of June 2021. He receives birthday wishes from his friends and family on 19 April. The precise date made him an Aries by zodiac sign.

[You, Me & My Ex] Jimmy Marchica Family

James ‘Jimmy’ Marchica was born to his anonymous father Richard Figueroa and his mother Barbara Marchica in his hometown of New York, the United States. No information surfaced on his father, as for his mother she loved being a homemaker.

Furthermore, he grew up with three siblings. Jimmy has a brother named Dominik Marchia and two sisters named; Jerri Marchica Drane and Terri Marchica Garrett. Jerri is married and has kids with Leslie Drane and Terri is married to Patrick Garrett and are settled and living happily with their kids.

Sadly, both of his parents passed away. Jimmy’s mother, who was born on 19 September 1947, passed away on 16 December 2013 at the age of 66. His parents had 11 grandchildren in total.

His Height

Jimmy Marchica stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Furthermore, he weighed above 88 kilograms (194 lbs) in total.

There was a time when Jimmy AKA James had a head full of hair. But, now he is totally bald and keeps a little grey beard.

His Instagram, Facebook

Jimmy Marchica can easily be discovered on Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook, he is friends with 761 people in total. He also used the platform to promote himself being on the show.

But unlike Facebook where he has his own personal account, he doesn’t own a profile on IG. Instead, he gets featured on his wife’s IG.

Likewise, he is nowhere to be found on Twitter.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Jimmy Marchica Job

According to his LinkedIn page, Jimmy Marchica is the owner of A-Diversified Petroleum Services Inc. That is all the information that we have on his regular job. Furthermore, we don’t hold any information on his academic qualifications.

But, he must’ve never imagined being on a reality TV show but his bizarre way of maintaining a relationship with his ex earned him a place in TLC’s new reality show You, Me & My Ex.

There are no details on the earning of the cast of the show. We’ll provide our readers with the update once it is made public.

The premise of the show is there are five couples who deal with an ex who was still connected to their past partner was still front and center in their day-to-day activities. Here in the show, the ex will be the third wheel and they try to tackle the awkwardness and challenges of an ex being involved in their lives.

[You, Me & My Ex] Jimmy Marchica Wendy Waters-Marchica, Lisa Marchica

Before Jimmy Marchica and his wife Wendy Waters-Marchica got married, he was previously married to Lisa Ann Marchesi. Jimmy is extremely involved in the life of his ex-wife. The ex-couple met each other in a bar in 1987. They went out on a date and fell in love in a short period of time, and went on to tie the knots.

Everything between the two fell apart when Lisa had his son. Their marriage ended badly.


Wendy with her husband Jimmy, her husband’s ex-wife Lisa and Lisa’s fiance Jack (Pic: Wendy’s IG)

Then arrived, Wendy who looked almost like Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa. They started dating each other and eventually got married and had two kids. But even after years, Jimmy still speaks to her ex-wife Lisa on phone for hours without any care.

In her case, there are four individuals involved, Wendy herself, her husband Jimmy, Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa, and Lisa’s current fiance Jack.

While Lisa affirmed to Wendy came second to her when it came to taking a place in his heart. But, Wendy counter-argued that Lisa was jealous of her relationship with Jimmy. Tune, into TLC for the new episodes of You, Me & My Ex and the drama the show brings.

How Many Kids Does [You, Me & My Ex] Jimmy Marchica Have?

Wendy Waters-Marchica and Jimmy Marchica are parents to their two kids: Dominik ‘Dom’ Marchica and Alexander ‘Alex’ Marchica. Dominik turned 22 years old on 20 April 2021. Moreover, he attended and graduated from Watchung Hills Regional High School.

Following high school graduation, Dominik enrolled at Florida State University in 2017. He is set to graduate in 2021and currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida. He has worked in several companies such as Delicious Heights, Bella D’ Olivia by L.A. Marchesi, and Remote Mentorship.

As for his younger brother Alex, he turned 14 years old on 11 August 2020. He attended West Middle School and was an honor roll student with an 86.43% average. He was also a pianist who performed in school shows.

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