Wendy Waters-Marchica and her husband Jimmy Marchica are the casts of the TLC’s new show You, Me & My Ex. This show revolves around the life of a couple and their intimate relationship with their ex-partner and all the complications it brings along.

Delve into this Wendy Waters-Marchica Wiki to learn more about where we cover her age, family details, job, husband, and kids.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Wendy Waters-Marchica Age

Wendy Waters-Marchica turned age 48 in June of 2021. She celebrated her birthday every year on 20 June. Furthermore, she secured Gemini as her zodiac sign.

[You, Me & My Ex] Wendy Waters-Marchica Family

Wendy Waters-Marchica was born to her father Charlie Waters and her mother Penny Smith in her hometown of New York, the United States. Her father served in the military and she commemorates his contribution on veteran day.

As for her stepmother, Gloria Waters hailed from her hometown of North Babylon, New York. She attended the University of New Haven. As for her job, she worked at Verizon and the Town of Babylon.

Gloria has at least one brother named Sean Michael Waters. He attended The New York School of Interior Design from where he earned his bachelor’s of art degree in Interior Design. He also secured a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1991 from the same university.

As of this writing, Sean worked as president of Sean Michael Waters Design & Decoration. He previously worked for Geoffery Bradfield LTD and Kenneth Alpert Design Group.

Other close family members of Wendy include Francis Waters her uncle and godfather, and Amanda Lynn Berg, and Penny Smith.

Her Height

Wendy Waters-Marchica is a blonde middle-aged lady who is aging pretty well. She stands tall to the height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). She often posts pictures of her mother who looks almost like her.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Besides Twitter, Wendy Waters-Marchica could be easily discovered on Facebook and Instagram. She is moderately active on Facebook and posts regularly. Furthermore, she updated her profile last time in late May 2021.

Talking about her Instagram, Wendy has a dualism on the profile at the time of this writing. She garnered 705 followers and also posted 705 times in total.

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[You, Me & My Ex] Wendy Waters-Marchica Job

Based on her Facebook, Wendy Waters-Marchica attended North Babylon High School. However, there are almost no details on her job and employment status. But it seems, instead of taking the route of an independent woman with a job, she decided to take the job of being a mother.

On her social media, Wendy is often seen spending time with her kids. Plus, she seems very interested in cooking various dishes. So, she might as well look into that as a way of building a career.

However, Wendy climbed the ladders of stardom when she starred in TLC’s You, Me & My Ex. There are no details on the earning of the casts of the show. We’ll provide our readers with the update once it is made public.

Wendy announced her appearance on the show in early June 2021. Scroll down to learn more about them.

The premise of the show is five couples deal with an ex who was still connected to their past partner was still front and center in their day-to-day activities. Here in the show, the ex will be the third wheel and they try to tackle the awkwardness and challenges of an ex being involved in their lives.

[You, Me & My Ex] Wendy Waters-Marchica Jimmy Marchica, Lisa Marchica

Wendy Waters-Marchica is married to her husband Jimmy Marchica. However, Jimmy is extremely involved in the life of his ex-wife Lisa Ann Marchesi. Lisa and Jimmy met each other in a bar in 1987. And after, they went out on a date and fell in love in a short period of time, they got married.

Everything between the two fell apart when Lisa had his son. Their marriage ended badly.


Wendy with her husband Jimmy, her husband’s ex-wife Lisa and Lisa’s fiance Jack (Pic: Wendy’s IG)

Then arrived, Wendy who looked almost like Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa. They started dating each other and eventually got married and had two kids. But even after years, Jimmy still speaks to her ex-wife Lisa on phone for hours without any care.

In her case, there are four individuals involved, Wendy herself, her husband Jimmy, Jimmy’s ex-wife Lisa, and Lisa’s current fiance Jack.

While Lisa affirmed to Wendy came second to her when it came to taking a place in his heart. But, Wendy counter-argued that Lisa was jealous of her relationship with Jimmy. Tune, into TLC for the new episodes of You, Me & My Ex and the drama the show brings.

How Many Kids Does [You, Me & My Ex] Wendy Waters-Marchica Have?

Wendy Waters-Marchica and Jimmy Marchica are parents to their two kids: Dominik ‘Dom’ Marchica and Alexander ‘Alex’ Marchica. Dominik turned 22 years old on 20 April 2021. Moreover, he attended and graduated from Watchung Hills Regional High School.

Following high school graduation, Dominik enrolled at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in 2017. He is set to graduate in 2021. He currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

As for his younger brother Alex, he turned 14 years old on 11 August 2020. He attended West Middle School and was an honor roll student with an 86.43% average.

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