Rebecca Parrott is a reality TV star famous for her appearances in TLC‘s reality shows 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days and 90 Days Fiance: What Now.

Read the interesting wikis about Rebecca in the article below. Get to know her age, height, net worth, job details, and of course information about her three marriages/divorces.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Rebecca Parrott was born on 13 February 1971, which meant as of now (i.e. 14 November 2020), she was 49 years of age.

For a woman with February 13th birthday, her zodiac sign was Aquarius.

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Rebecca Parrott Wiki — Hometown, Family, Early Life

When it came to her family and early life, not much was known about Rebecca Parrott. She did mention her father once during the father’s day. But she did not mention his name, only that he was no longer alive and she missed him.

Rebecca was from Woodstock, Georgia. However, it was known it Woodstock was her hometown, a place she grew up in, or just a place she spent her adult life in.

Rebecca Parrott Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Rebecca Parrott stood at an average height for an American woman, 5 ft 7 inches. However, she had a little more weight than usual, roughly around 67 kgs.

Her distinct features included hazel brown eyes, copper red hair, and of course tattoos all over her arms and chest. It was hard to tell what tattoos she had on her arms, but she had inked a bird with its wings spread on her chest.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Rebecca was present on only a select few social media platforms but in those platforms, her presence was huge. On Instagram only, she had over 316k followers by Nov 2020.

She also had a Youtube channel, where she had videos about make-up and hair tutorials and her own life blogs. Her channel had over 1.63k followers.

She did not seem to be present on Facebook or Twitter.

Rebecca Parrott Job, Net Worth, 90 Day Fiance

Rebecca is mainly known after her appearance in TLC‘s reality show about multinational couples, 90 Days Fiance: Before 90 Days. She entered the series in the 2019 (third) season. Before 90 Days was the spin-off of the original series called 90 Days Fiance. The third season started to air in May 2018.

Later on, she was also a part of 90 Days Fiance: What Now? She appeared on 90 Days Fiance: What Now in 2020, for the fourth season of the show that aired in the June of 2020.

Well, that much was Rebecca’s part in the show business. She also did work outside of the show-biz. First and foremost, she had the job of a vehicle mechanic. She was also a private investigator, a profession that Rebecca chose to pursue after she turned 40.

In the most recent turn of events, Rebecca also wanted to be a chef. Rebecca said in an interview that she had a culinary degree and had experience working in the restaurants. So, the job of a chef would fit her perfectly.

According to our sources, the average salary of 90 Days Fiance couples was $14,500, but only the US-citizen-half of the couple was paid. The foreigner was very much underpaid. Rebecca’s net worth, earned from her 90 Days Fiance salary and her own job, was over half a million dollars ($500 thousand).

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Is Rebecca Parrott Still With Zied Hakimi?

Yes, Rebecca was still with Zied Hakimi in 2020. They first started dating in 2019, at the time when Rebecca was still technically married to his former husband (more on that in the next section).

When they first started dating, there were many problems in the relationship. One, Zied was in Tunisia and Rebecca was in the US. Two, Rebecca was 20 years older than Zied. Three, Rebecca had already had a failed marriage with a foreigner. And four, her own daughter Tiffany was distrustful of Zied in the beginning.

However as the relationship progressed, Tiffany changed her mind about Zied. Zied moved to the US and the two of them married in April 2020. When the COVID lockdown happened, they quarantined together.


Rebecca Parrott and her husband Zied Hakimi (PC:

And although they were together and married now, the relationship was not all good. Rebecca had to earn money to support both because of the strict nature of the K-1 visa.

Rebecca Parrott Ex-Husband, Divorces, Daughter

Before settling down with Zied, Rebecca Parrott had had three divorces with three ex-husbands. Her first ex-husband was Taylor, and with him, Rebecca had three children, who are all grown up now.

The youngest of the three children was the aforementioned daughter Tiffany, who was 22 years old in 2020. The name of the other children was not known, but they were 25 and 28 years old respectively. After her first divorce, Rebecca lost the custody battle against her husband and she had to pay child support.

However, during the years after the divorce, Rebecca did not pay the child-support money and was on the verge of being jailed but she made the payments at the time and narrowly avoided jail.

Rebecca’s second ex-husband was Seifart. Not much was known about him.

Rebecca Parrott’s third ex-husband was Belettar, a young Moroccan man who supposedly created an exchange at first to learn the English language. Rebecca married him and brought him to the US, but after arriving in the US, he started to become distant. The marriage dissolved as soon as it had started.

When Rebecca started dating, and even when she first went to Tunisia to meet Zied, her divorce was not finalized and she was still technically married to Belettar.

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