“My fiancee is the most lovely a–hole you’ll ever meet.”

Among all the Family Karma members, Vishal Parvani piqued the attention of fans as he called his fiancee Richa an “a–hole” in an interview with Page Six.

As his fans wondered what happened between Vishal and Richa, it turned out Vishal was just being playful with his words. He tried to portrait her scary persona and also mentioned she was his “little pitbull”.

The reality show, Family Karma that aired on BravoTV depicted the daily lives of a group of Indian Americans living in Miami. Vishal along with his co-stars presented an adventurous drama between family and friends.

In early 2020, Vishal sipped into the show’s limelight. The topic of giving a name to Vishal’s relationship with Richa was escalating sooner than expected.

Richa’s mom, on the other hand, was against Richa dating Vishal as he was playing for the other team.

With the rumors about Vishal Parvani being gay, the audience was in anticipation if Vishal would go through with his marriage with Richa.

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How Old Is Vishal Parvani? Wiki, Bio, Parents

Vishal Parvani celebrated turning 32 years old in 2019.

Born and raised in Miami, Vishal spent most of life with his parents. His parents immigrated from India to the USA before Vishal was born.

Soon after, Vishal’s mother entered the real estate industry and even owned her own real estate company. Vishal was also helping his mother in commercial estate works @parvanicommercial.

Vishal was enthusiastic about assisting the Parvani group team and aspired to mark his presence in the company soon.

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As of 2020, Vishal had about 1600 followers on Instagram under his account @captainvish. As a fitness enthusiast, he was mostly seen uploading posts about fitness and lifestyle.

How Tall Is Vishal Parvani? Job, Net Worth, Education

Vishal Parvani stands tall at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185.42 cm).

Along with his job as an associate to commercial real estate, Vishal had his investments here and there.

Vishal didn’t have much time to work on other fields as he was busy with the show. He was planning to soon lay a good use of his education degree. But he chose to keep his plans a secret.

An outstanding student, Vishal educated himself from Florida International University in Business Administration. His teachers always praised him for his intellect and had high hopes of him.

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Speculating his earnings from the show and his jobs. Vishal Parvani’s net worth was estimated to be around $250 thousand before 2020.

Married, Dating, Engaged

Vishal Parvani was dating Richa for over five years when he finally asked her to marry in 2017. Three years later, he questioned if she was willing to elope with him.

Engaged duo Vishal Parvani with Richa

In an exclusive clip to the show, Vishal took his finance, Richa on a date to an adventure park. And it was there, Vishal proposed to Richa.

“I proposed western style, down on one knee,” Vishal confessed.

But to Richa’s mother, the proposal wasn’t a legitimate one as she was already opposed to their relationship. She truly believed that Vishal and Richa couldn’t get married.

Even after 5 years of dating and 3 years as an engaged duo, Vishal and Richa agreed not to proceed with the marriage if one of their parents disagreed.

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Is Vishal Parvani Gay?

Vishal Parvani was on the verge of getting married when rumors about him being gay surfaced.

Most of his fans were convinced that Vishal was gay. There were many moments in the show that fans pointed their fingers upon.

When his best friend Amrit Kapai came out of the closet, Vishal questioned if he was gay. Fans speculated why would Vishal ask his friend if he was gay. He was probably doubting his sexuality too.

Even the delay to his marriage was being questioned by the fans.

Some even say Richa’s mother was against their marriage because she knew about Vishal’s sexuality.

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