Since the start of Bravo’s new family show, “Family Karma”, Brian Benni was put into the spotlight by the fans.

Known as the “party boy” amongst his community, Brian perfectly represented a typical non-Indian boy of a traditional Indian family.

Following such diversity in the family, the fans got even more excited to know more about this Miami boy.

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Brian Benni Age, Birthday

Celebrating his birthday on 14th October 2020, Brian Benni turned 28 years of age.

Brain’s family roots dated back to India but, he was born and raised in Maimi, Florida on 14th October 1991.

His Height

After gaining unprecedented success in his career, Brian Benni, with over five feet & eight inches (175 cm) height, was on TV with the new show “Family Karma”.

His Instagram

As of 4th June 2021, Brian had around 42K followers on his Instagram brianbenni_.

Elsewhere on TikTok @brianbenni, he entertained around 10K followers.

Brian Benni Parents, Siblings

Brain Benni comes from a very well-to-do and cultural family. Since he was his parent’s eldest child, he was loved intensely by all his family members.

Also, he spent a lot of time with his sibling brother, Nick Benni, while growing up. Similarly, Brian possessed many friends and could make friends easily.


Brian Benni takes a picture with his parents in march 2020 (Pic: Brian’s Instagram)

Now, coming to the show in 2020, Brian stepped at the age barrier of 27 and his family urged him to find a partner for himself.

While Brian didn’t seem to give off the family guy aura, fans were hyped to see his reaction towards the questions of his family.

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Brian Benni Job, Net Worth, Family Karma

Brian Benni was a strong presence in Bravo’s new family reality show “Family Drama.” The audience was quick to like him as he possessed a charming and confident personality.

Apart from his role in the show, the reason for his pleasant personality can also be credited to his splendid professional career.

Brian worked for 2 years and counting for ProSys Information System as their Account Executive. Also, he was an Account executive for Pro Logic Systems for more than 2 years.

From all his jobs, Brian accumulated a considerable net worth of over $300 thousand for himself which was further boosted with his inclusion in the show “Family Karma”.

Though he was the eldest child of his parents, Brain seemed to have enjoyed his life in Miami. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Biological Science.

However, Brian reached new heights in education when he changed his stream to IT and business.

Brian Benni Girlfriend, Wife

While talks of Brian Benni’s marriage arose in the show, the fans got excited to see him and Monica Vaswani start a new relationship.

Though Monica and Brian were each other crushes in their childhood, they never seemed to see each other dating and calling each other boyfriend, girlfriend — let alone husband and wife.

While Monica was always a simple and labeled the perfect Indian girl, Brian was an out-and-out chilled-out guy. However, he was willing to change and gain a fresh start.

In the end, Brian didn’t pursue a romantic relationship with Monica. Luckily, the duo went on to find love for themselves.

While Monica ignited a romance with businessman Rish Karam, Brian Benni began dating Dr. Monica Shah. Monica, as per IG, is a Rheumatology Fellow-Physician based in Tampa, Florida.

Ahead of the Season 2 premiere of “Family Karma,” online media outlets did some digging. As for the findings, they were surprised that neither Benni nor his girlfriend, Monica had posted each other on their socials.

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