Breegan Jane is best known as an interior designer with her own home makeover show on HGTV. Yet again, she returned with a new show on the same TV network titled Meet The House My Wedding. Ever since the announcement, fans have wanted to look into details on her personal life, so, here we bring Breegan Jane Wiki where you can learn more about her life details.

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Breegan Jane Meet The House My Wedding

Breegan Jane returned to the TV set once again with a new show titled Meet The House My Wedding. She inspired her fans to watch it by posting it on all of her socials. This reality show is another offering from Breegan Jane through HGTV.

Her Age, Birthday

Breegan Jane was born on 12 January 1984. She turned 37 years old while celebrating her birthday in January of 2021. Furthermore, she secured Capricorn as her zodiac sign.

Breegan Jane Parents, Is She Native American?

Breegan Jane was born to her anonymous biological parents in Tarzana, California, the United States. Besides being a child of mixed-race parents, no further details on her folks have been spared as of this writing. It is also unclear whether she remains in touch with them or not.

Since her biological parents were of African-American and European heritage, so Breegan Jane isn’t technically of Native American ethnic group.

However, Breegan was adopted at birth by Jerry Heuer and his wife Leanne Bemis Heuer making them her new parents. Jerry and Leanne stood for Breegan, her whole life. The new parents raised her in Hermosa Beach, California.

The California native also explored her experience as a mixed child in her blog with an illustrative story and poem kids book on her blog. Not only her, but Breegan also has two siblings: Bailey Heuer and Marcus Heuer who were adopted by her parents.

Breegan happens to be the eldest among all of her adopted siblings. Plus, she is the only one with kids as of this writing.

Breegan Jane Height

Breegan Jane, with her exotic look, stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Moreover, she weighed about 58 kilograms (127 lbs).

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Moving on to her social media reach, Breegan Jane can be discovered on Instagram, Twitter, and also Facebook. Her IG page flaunts 57.2k followers in total as of June 2021. On the platform, she posted over 2500 times in total.

Moreover, Breegan Jane was also on Twitter with 2222 followers. On the platform, she has tweeted 7189 times with a most recent tweet less than an hour ago at the time of penning this wiki.

Moreover, Breegan also owns a Facebook page with 17k followers. She also posted an update on her new show on her personal Facebook account.

Breegan Jane Net Worth

From her thriving businesses and TV shows, Breegan Jane was able to accumulate a total net worth of $5 million, based on the data of TV Guide Time. Let’s take a stroll down her job and career below.

In January of 2002, Breegan started her company named Breegan, LLC. It was a retail store, clothing, jewelry, and accessories for men and women. She ran the company for 4 years in total. Whereas, she also partnered with a women’s apparel line named Mosa Clothing, LLC starting from December of 2004. She worked with the company for a little over a year and quitted her job.

From May of 2007, Breegan started working in Calixas Holding, LLC as a creative director. While there, she oversaw the marketing and sales activities, managed events, and worked closely with the CEO on project management, financial planning, and public relations.

Moreover, Breegan also worked as an estate manager at Relativity Media for almost three years, worked as an interior designer at LEONA where she worked for two years which was followed by NATIVE where she worked in the same position for three months.

The reality star also had a job as a Radio Talk Show Host for Mom Life, Yo. Breegan founded Breegan Jane LLC, an interior design, and has been contributing her time and energy there ever since.

As for her work in TV, she is best known for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She has also been featured on shows such as HGTV House Party (2021), Brother vs Brother (2020), Fix My Fail (2020), Today (2020), Home & Family (2020), The Next Course (2017), and Desksides (2016).

Coming to her education, Breegan attended El Camino College where she studied business since 2002. She also joined Austin Community College where she studied International Business for a year.

Furthermore, Breegan earned her bachelor’s degree of science in web design & interactive media in 2010.

Breegan Jane Husband, Why Did She Get Divorced?

Breegan Jane Vallas was married to her husband Robert Kristian Vallas for a while. The couple ended up welcoming two beautiful kids into their life: Kingsley Vallas  (born 09/20/2013) and Kensington Vallas (born 09/01/2015).


Breegan Jane with her two beautiful sons (Pic: Breegan’s Facebook)

All seem well in the Vallas family until Breegan and her husband, Robert decided to get a divorce in 2016. So, why did Breegan Jane get divorced? Though she never gave the precise answer to the question, her blog holds a few hints regarding their failed marriage.

Many of her readers come to her as support treat her like, in her own words, “a sounding board.” But, she pushed herself away from motivating others to get a divorce since she believes every relationship is singular, and she is in no position.

As Breegan shared, getting a divorce was never her plan and her preference. Breegan voiced that she put a lot of effort to save her marriage and tried reconciling the differences for years. They attended therapy and counseling sessions.

But the damages that were done were irreconcilable. So, Breegan parted ways with her ex-husband, Robert.

Besides that, there are no rumors of Breegan Jane getting into a new relationship or dating anybody new. She is overly focused on raising her kids and building her career as a single mother.

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