Martin Grodzki is best known as the husband of American swimmer Hali Flickinger. The German native represented his native country during competitions and has competed in several international and national events.

Learn more about Hali Flickinger’s husband with this Martin Grodzki wiki.

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Martin Grodzki Age, Birthday

Martin Grodzki was born on 18 April 1991. This means he turned 30 years old in April of 2021. Per his date of birth, Martin secured Aries as his zodiac sign.

Martin Grodzki Nationality, Family

Martin Grodzki hails from the city of Berlin, in Germany. While he moved to the states for higher education, he is of German nationality. But, almost no information surfaced on his parents back home as of this writing in June of 2021.

Owing to his private nature, Martin divulged almost little to no details related to his father and mother, along with his possible siblings.

As for Hali Flickinger, she was born to her father Doug Flickinger, and her mother Lea Flickinger on 7 July 1004.

His Height, Weight

Hali Flickinger, who stands to a height of 5 feet 6.5 inches (1.68 meters), falls shorter than Martin who is 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). Moreover, he weighed almost 78 kilograms (171 lbs).

His Instagram, Facebook

Martin Grodzki could be easily discovered on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His IG account garnered 359 followers until June 2021. He only posted 42 times.

In the same way, Martin is on Twitter with 259 followers in total where he tweeted 1211 times. Furthermore, he is also on Facebook where he is friends with 122 people. He has only updated his bio on FB and hasn’t posted anything.

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Martin Grodzki Job, Net Worth

To start, Martin Grodzki is estimated to have a total net worth of around $500 thousand.

Starting with Martin’s education, he attended Baylor School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He graduated high school as the class of 2009. Later, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia where he studied Psychology as a science major.

Following the passion for swimming that he had from a very young age, an opportunity came knocking on his doorstep. Even at school and college level, Martin demonstrated his swimming skill and won several medals in the freestyle swimming events.

Martin also participated in swimming competitions such as Southeastern Conference Championships and the Speedo Championships Series and secure the title in the championship. Later on, he started competing for Germany and took part in World Swimming Championships in the early 2010s.

Some of the events that he participated in include 1500-meter freestyle, 800-meter freestyle, and 400-meter freestyle. But, it appears that Martin realized that his days as a competitive swimmer are behind him.

So, Martin has been working as a realtor at eXp Realty in Gilbert, Arizona. The company hired him in May 2021. More about the company: It is a global service real estate brokerage company that provides 24X7 assistance to real estate brokers along with collaborative tools and extensive training.

Plus, Martin has become a family man who has to look after his wife and kids, so he is seriously involved in his career as a realtor.

Martin Grodzki And Hali Flickinger: Wedding, Kids

In early 2010, Martin Grodzki and Hali Flickinger met. However, they didn’t start immediately thereafter. Plus, it remains unclear how they met each other in the first place.

Starting from 2012, Martin and Hali started dating each other. As swimmers, they spent a lot of time with each other, and others were sure about the fact that they started to like each other. Hali often addressed him as “my German.”

After years of being with each other, they realize that they were good for each other. So, in 2016, the couple got engaged officially and everything changed for the two.


Martin and his wife Hali (Pic: Martin’s IG)

A year after getting engaged, they felt it was the best time to tied the knots. So, Martin and Hali got married on 27 August 2017. A piece of trivia, Hali’s coach Jack Bauerle was the one who married her off as she always considered as her second father.

After being pronounced man and wife, the newly married couple decided to move to Arizona, the united states. They shited to the new state even if it was a warmer place than the place they belonged to.

Martin and Hali bought a house together. But, one thing was missing and that was a child. As of 2021, there were no updates from either of them regarding a new member of the family. So, they may have been waiting on the baby part.

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  2. […] Also, Don’t Miss: Martin Grodzki Wiki: Hali Flickinger Husband, Age, Job […]

  3. […] More From Us: Martin Grodzki Wiki: Hali Flickinger Husband, Age, Job […]

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