A week before Love Island USA dropped on CBS and Paramount+ on July 7, 2021, the 12 new singles heading to Hawaii were outed and Tinja Njoroge was one of them.

Find out all about your soon-to-be favorite contestant in this Trina Njoroge Wiki.

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Trina Njoroge Love Island

Trina Njoroge entered a single woman looking for love on the Hilo, Hawaii’s Love Island.

During the introductory interview with Love Island, Trina revealed she is bringing all of her experience working as a psychiatric nurse to the new season of dating competition. She pointed, how her job allowed her to be able to “spot the red flags from miles away.”

Trina appears alongside Olivia Kaiser, Kyra Lizama, Cashay Proudfoot, Shannon St. Claire, Korey Gandy, Josh Goldstein, Jeremy Hershberg, Melvin “Cinco” Holland, Jr., Christian Longnecker, Will Moncada, and Javonny Vega.

Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman are returning for the new season.

Trina Njoroge Boyfriend

In July 2021, Trina Njoronge’s relationship status on Facebook read ‘single’.

The reality TV star said during her Love Island interview she would date herself if she were a guy on the show. So, you may expect this confident lady to slay her being on the show.

Otherwise occupied spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and taking care of her personal and professional life, Trina wanted to give Love Island a shot to find her a soulmate.

So, Trina would be looking for someone who can well adjust to her love for traveling. Trina is very passionate about traveling and exploring different people and cultures. She had been to countries such as Kenya, Germany, London, Mexico, and Switzerland.

Her Age, Birthday

Trina Njoroge had reached the age of 24 when she decided to be on national television in 2021. At the time, her birthday could not be understood.

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Trina Njoroge Family, Nationality

Trina hails from her hometown of Bakersfield, California. Meaning, her nationality is American. Meanwhile, currently (2021) she was based in Hacienda Heights in Los Angeles, California.

While ethnicity-wise, Trina is a Kenyan.

Trina’s mother Cathy Kiama had been married to her step-father Daniel Mwaniki since 2014.

The matriarch studied at The University of Texas at Arlington and went to Mombasa baptist in 1988.

More to the family is Trina’s siblings: a sister Kendra Njoroge and a brother Kevin Njoroge.

Trina Njoroge Height

Trina Njoroge, in her well-tamed features, stands above 5’7” or 1.70 meters in height. A familiar face in the local as well as national beauty pageant scene, she is bound to stay fit and in shape.

In April 2015, Trina was ‘crowned’ the “Face of Kenya USA.” (Face of Kenya is a charity pageant that claims on giving back to the Kenyan community.) Following the win, Trina with the help of her friends and family had then, raised $8,000 for her charity known as Angels Forgotten.

Then, in Jan. 2020, Trina competed for the title of “Miss California USA.” Excited, Trina had shared the great news on Instagram. That she was appointed Miss Hacienda Heights USA by the Miss Universe Organization.

“Modeling/Pageantry while advocating for mental health, spreading awareness, and getting to share her journey with the world”, is the only reason she is so much into such competitions.

The process of being accepted to the pageant, however, was not that easy as it now seems. “Very long and intimidating” were the words she chose to describe those long hauls before the wins.

Her Instagram, TikTok

Until July 1, 2021, Trina Njoroge had 11.3k followers on her Instagram @trrinnnababby.

Meanwhile, Trina previously deleted her account on Twitter @trrinnnababby before Dec. 2020 and started a new one @TrinaNjoroge.

Also, “just for fun” Trina entertained 126 followers on her TikTok @trinanjoroge and had two separate pages on Facebook @Trina Njoroge.

Lastly, the social media butterfly was also looking to make her way to Pinterest and YouTube.

Trina Njoroge Job, Net Worth

Trina Njoroge had less than an estimated $250K net worth before the world knew of her Love Island stint.

From what calculated someone like Trina i.e. a psychiatric nurse based in California, earned $73.28 per hour and $15,125 overtime per year on average.

Besides, Trina Njoroge’s LinkedIn also briefly mentioned Trina as the Retail Associate at Hollister Co. in Hacienda Heights, California.

Meanwhile, based on her Insta-bio, she is also a model, mental advocate, and a freelance makeup artist. Her work of enhancing makeup involved bridal showers, weddings, and school dances.

For education, Trina went to Liberty High School as the Class of 2014. Then during her Nursing school program, she was the class president and graduated top of her class receiving a scholarship from NAMI (National Alliance of mental Illness). This one was for her hard work, contribution, and involvement in the mental health field. Trina also received an Outstanding Leadership award at her graduation ceremony.

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