Lea Kyle is a French magician who appeared on America’s Got Talent and left the four judges dazzled with her performance. With her Golden Buzzer performance from Heidi Klum, she left fans and judges asking for more. Since then, she has also attracted attention to the details of her life and career.

Delve into this Lea Kyle Wiki to learn more about her family, parents, net worth, and a few other info.

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Lea Kyle On AGT (America’s Got Talent)

Lea Kyle appeared on America’s Got Talent‘s season 16 to impress judges with her literal magic. She is a quick-changer magician and has appeared on other TV shows before. Not only did she impressed judges, but she also earned Gold Buzzer from Heidi Klum.

Her Age, Birthday

Lea Kyle was 25 years old when America’s Got Talent premiered her performance on TV. However, she never shared precise details on her birth. Hence, her zodiac sign and her birthday remain anonymous as of this writing.

Lea Kyle Parents 

Real name Lea Kyle Rauzier, the magician was born to her unnamed parents in Bordeaux, France. Owing to her private and professional nature, she spared almost no details regarding her family on her social media.

Not a single post has been made regarding her parents on Lea’s socials. So, along with names, job, and whereabouts of her parents are yet to be disclosed. Moreover, her possible siblings also hide away from public attention as of July 2021.

But, we discovered some of her family members on her social media such as Remi Rauzier, Chloe Rauzier, Jules Rauzier, Louis Rauzier, and Leo Rauzier. Based on the Instagram posts from December of 2019, her family lives in Lorraine.

Lea Kyle Height

Talking about her physical features, Lea Kyle stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Also, she weighed about 51 kilograms (112 lbs). As for her distinct features, she has blonde hair, a long face, and a slim physique.

Her Instagram, TikTok

Moving on, Lea Kyle Rauzier is on Instagram where she goes by the name @leakylemagician with 19.7k followers as of June 2021. She posted a total of 163 times on the platform.

The French magician could also be discovered on TikTok where she went by the name @leakylemagician where she is followed by 30k followers. Furthermore, she earned a total of 338.9k likes for her videos.

On her Twitter @leakylemagician, Lea was able to earn 628 followers. The platform only had 5 tweets.

As for Facebook, her page Lea Kyle Quick Change gathered 6738 followers and her last post was of her appearance on AGT. Whereas, she also has a personal Facebook account that goes by the name Léa Kyle Rauzier.

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Lea Kyle Net Worth

Lea Kyle flaunts a total net worth of nearly $200 thousand. Learn, how she was able to pull that off.

Before finding a true passion for magic, Lea Kyle was working as a beautician.

In the introductory video, Lea uttered: I became a beautician, it wasn’t my dream job but it was a way for me to make a living. Eight years ago I met my boyfriend Florian. Last year he was in “America’s Got Talent.” One day Florian asked me to perform with him and it was my first time on stage.”

At the age of 17, Lea discovered magic after meeting her boyfriend. She performed with him on stage for the first time and she grew passionate about it.

Lea extensively focused on developing her skill as a magician, more focused on the Quick-Change style. Since then, she has performed in numerous magician festivals. Lea shared several snaps of the events on her Instagram.

On 30 September 2019, Lea also shared a picture of her receiving an award. She had won the title of French Champion of Magic and also secured 1st place in General Magic. At the same time, she also won the Pierre Brahma prize during the FFAP 2019 Congress in Mandelieu La Napoule.

Because of her craft, Lea has traveled in several nations across the globe including Spain and Mexico.

As for the reality show appearance, America’s Got Talent isn’t her first TV show. Lea had also performed in front of Penn and Taylor: Fool Us. Not only she performed in front of them but was able to fool them too. The show marked her debut in TV shows.

Then in 2020, Lea also performed in La France à un Incroyable talent season 15.

Lea Kyle Boyfriend

Lea Kyle is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Florian Sainvet. They started dating each other around 2013. As often mentioned before, Florian helped Lea discover a career she could fall in love with.

This made their relationship even stronger year after year. In August of 2020, the dating couple took a big step into their life. No, they weren’t engaged or even married. Instead, they bought a house together, so both of their careers must be thriving a lot.


Lea Kyle and her boyfriend, Florian Sainvet together in August of 2020 (Pic: Leah’s IG)

Talking about her boyfriend, Florian also hails from Bordeaux, Center, France. He attended Lycée Les Iris and performed at The Illusionist Tour as a professional magician. Like already mentioned, he also performed at AGT but got eliminated in Judge Cuts.

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