How many longterm couples can you name who have been together since teen-age? Probably very few that we can count in our hands. The Voice contestant Todd Tilghman, however, who at the age of 42, was still going strong in his life with his 21-year old sweetheart.

Learn more about the phenomenal singer and human’s life — from his net worth to The Voice journey to family information — through this article laid out in a wiki-style format.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Singer Todd was born in the year 1978. Thus his age was 42, as of May 2020. He celebrates his birthday on every 3rd of January.

Born in Meridian, Mississippi, he spent a major part of his life in the same place around the church. His zodiac sign is not known till now.

Todd Tilghman Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Todd is very aware of not allowing any personal information to ooze out of his mouth for he knows how fatal sometimes it can be. That is why he never spoke about neither his parents nor his siblings.

Maybe now that he has come to the popular stage of The Voice, he might unconsciously speak about his family information.

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Todd Tilghman Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Todd is one handsome looking pastor. One could easily spot Todd if he was made to stand in a cluster of pastors.

He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 83 kilograms. He has a very big grey-colored beard that differentiates him from other people.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

For the person such as Todd who is competing in The Voice, it’s almost impossible to stay away from social media. Compared to his other counterparts in The Voice, he has an overwhelming social media reach.

He chiefly used social media to connect with his fans, sometimes he even shares some of his covers there. Over IG, he had a little less than 35.1 thousand followers.

In his FB, Todd garnered about 32 thousand followers whereas, in his Twitter handle, he’s got a little over 11 thousand followers.

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Todd Tilghman Net Worth, Pastor, The Voice Journey

After the 18th season of The Voice began to premiere, it became a subject of interest to many people. And now that only nine artists remain in the race to win, the people are already picking the hot favorites and Todd Tilghman, in most of the cases, remains to be in their list.

Turning all chairs on his audition by singing We’ve Got Tonight by Bob Seger, Todd chose Blake as his mentor. The audition video managed to get also over 2 million views on YouTube.

He again managed to win more hearts in the battle and knockout round by singing Ghost in This House and Anymore respectively. Whereas, he sang Glory of Love in the latest episode that aired 5th May 2020 on NBC.

Beating out four fellow contestants, Todd won the 2020 installment of The Voice. In the finale, the beloved pastor sang MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine and an original Long Way Home.

Todd professed gratitude toward his parents and his wife and all his children for supporting his journey in The Voice. Thanks to his career in music and as a pastor in the church, Todd garnered a net worth of $500 thousand.

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Todd Tilghman Married, Wife, Kids

Phenomenal singer Todd considers him very lucky to have got his school sweat-heart, Brooke, as his wife. The couple got married when Todd was 21 and Brooke was merely 19.

The pair had three kids together before they decided to adopt a child. From a child-adoption agency, they brought home a new daughter of Korean ancestry.


Todd Tilghman with his whole family.

Later, when the agency called telling them they also had to take the daughter’s sister if they wanted to keep the daughter, they again adopted her for one last time.

As if five children were not enough already, they again produced three kids making a total of eight kids. That being said, the love and strength between the family members are very strong though.

Moreover, Todd’s song Eagan has a very uncanny hobby of crafting costumes. That talent of his got him a participant on the NBC reality show Making It last year.

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