TikTok was an instant hit when it was launched globally in 2016. Millions of people swarmed right into the app and started making funny and hilarious videos.

However, not every people using it gained fame and popularity. Only the ones who poured their creativity and ingenuity in their videos attracted the attention of people. Belonging to the lot is Avani Gregg.

Know more about Avani Gregg, from her bio to net worth to relationships, looking at the article below laid out in a wiki-style format.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

TikTok sensation Avani Gregg was born in the year 2002, that made her age of 17 as of March 2020. She celebrates her birthday on every 23rd of November.

Avani was born and raised by her family in Indiana, the US. Her residence as of now is in Brownsburg, Indiana, United States. Additionally, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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Avani Gregg Wiki, Ethnicity, Family

American social media star, Avani Gregg, does not let much information about her family to come out for she comprehends the huge potential fame holds. That is why only a little information has surfaced out about her family.

Her mother’s name is Anisha Gregg. Moreover, she has two siblings in her family. They are Shanti Gregg, the oldest of all the children, and Priya Gregg.

Her elder sister, Shanti Gregg, is an Instagram star who rose to fame for her self-titled account. The young Instagram star usually posts chic modeling pictures along with lifestyle photos in her Instagram handle.

Avani’s ethnicity is mixed as she is of Indian and Korean descent. Her mother is Indian and her father is Korean.

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Height, Weight, Social Media

Through her TikTok account, Avani Gregg usually showcases snippets of her life, some fun challenges, dancing, lip-syncing videos, and short comedy skits.

For this talent, Avani had amassed a huge fan following of 16 million by 2020 in her TikTok handle. She also received about 100 million hearts.

In late-April 2020, Avani’s TikTok account disappeared overnight. Amidst the confusion, the internet star took to her backup handle and shared her team was working with the app to bring it back.

Moreover, fans were so fascinated by her that they had an urge to know the real-life of Avani. She then amassed a huge number of fans swarming into her Instagram and Twitter to have a glimpse of what Avani’s real-life looks like. As of late-April 2020, she has 7.9 million and 782 thousand followers on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

Avani’s physical side is as beautiful as her professional side. Her overall built is slim. She stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch and weighs around 50 kgs.

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Avani Gregg Net Worth, The Hype House, Brand Endorsements

Social media sensation Avani Gregg must have earned decent net worth with so much going around in her life. Although the precise figures of her $1.5 million-plus net worth still evade the Internet, we can say that she has earned enough to be enjoying in her life.

As a responsible TikTok star, Avani, along with Charli D’Amelio, Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson, and other popular TikTok creators formed the social group called The Hype House in 2019.

Besides, Avani also does various brand endorsements. Some of the brands she has endorse until now are Nike, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, among others.

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Avani Gregg Boyfriend, Dating, Relationships

There was not much going in Tiktoker’s relationship life until she was 16. But once she was over the age of 16, there are whole much of things going around Avani Gregg’s life as she started dating her boyfriend, Anthony Reeves.

Kentucky native Anthony is best known as TikTok star under the account name luvanthony. BY 2020, He accumulated over 6 million fans in his TikTok account. Anthony mostly uploads lip sync videos and duet videos in his account.


Avani, seen with her boyfriend Anthony for the first time.

The news of them dating became public was when Avani uploaded a picture of herself and boyfriend Anthony making a tight, intimate hug.

Since that, the duo had uploaded their pictures together on multiple occasions through both of their Instagram handles.

The cute pair even shared a picture of themselves doing intimate things in their bed in the most recent Valentine’s day. What’s more, the pair even went on vacation in Atlantis Bahamas in the summer holidays.


Avani and Anthony on their vacation.

In such a short time-being, Avani and boyfriend Anthony had already shown, on multiple occasions, how much they truly loved each other. With each new picture upload, their chemistry seemed only to be soaring high and high.

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