Revered for his “Light Barz,” Tay Roc cemented his GOAT status with consistency, electrifying performance & classic battles. Also, at one point, he was the face of URL/Smack.

Delve into Tay’s wiki and discover his net worth, girlfriend, and height. Furthermore, read about the gay rumors, real job, and family.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born in late-April, Tay secured Taurus for Zodiac sign. What’s more, cited 1988 as his birth year.

Tay Roc became 32 years of age in the Spring of 2020. Likewise, the beloved battle rapper grew up celebrating his birthday on 28th April.

Tay Roc Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

As stated in his rap battles, Tay Rock hailed from Baltimore, Maryland. His parents had named him Donte Richardson at birth.

What’s more, Tay was born into an African-American family. And like most battle rappers, he kept the identity of his siblings, mom, and dad hidden.

Not everyone knew Tay’s academic achievements. That said, it didn’t take a genius to assume he excelled in the English subject as a high school student.

According to Tay, his upbringing was far from comfortable. As a result, he found solace in the art of rapping.

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Tay Roc Net Worth, Music, Real Job

According to reports online, Tay Roc began rap battling at 16. Two years later, he was making waves in New York — the battle rap hub of the world.

It was Loaded Lux who gave Tay a shot at battle rap fame by booking battles for his league “Lions Den”. He would eventually secure matches on the URL.

Battling at URL, Tay became the face of — not just the league but also — entire battle rap. By 2020, he had multiple classics with the likes of Tsu Surf, Pat Stay, Arsonal, Chess, Geechi Gotti, Hollow Da Don, and Daylyt.

Over the years, Tay became part of several battle rap cliques. At first, he joined the legendary “Dot Mob” before forming the “Cave Gang”. Also, with Tsu surf, he made one-half of “Guntitles.”

According to, Tay accumulated 1.5 million YouTube views per battle, making him one of the best acts in the culture.

Although unconfirmed, Tay Roc charged around 5-8 thousand per battle. Furthermore, his net worth hovered around $300 thousand.

Talking about his music, Tay spearheaded the record label “Cave Entertainment LLC”. As a recording artist, he released several albums including “Aroma Therapy 2,” “Double Dragon,” and “The Transalvaniya Tape.”

Back in 2015, Dizaster allegedly leaked Tay Roc’s real job title by sharing a photo of the Baltimore emcee cleaning hotel rooms. Others cheekily claimed he worked at a “gas station.”

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Tay Roc Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Reportedly, Tay Roc possessed 5 feet 8 inches in height. On the other hand, his weight stayed under 77 kilograms.

Battle rap fans often cited Tay’s smirk and patchy beard as his distinct features.

Social Media Reach: IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube

Verified on IG, Tay garnered around 195 thousand followers on the platform by July 2020. Meanwhile, Twitter suspended his profile numerous times.

On Facebook, around 2.5 thousand people followed Tay’s page. Also, under the YouTube channel titled CaveGang MusicChannel, he flaunted more than 8.5 thousand followers.

Tay Roc Girlfriend, Gay, Wife

In the battle against Rum Nitty, Tay Roc first drew gay allegations. His opponent accused him of soliciting oral sex from a transgender woman. To make matter worse, battle rap bloggers even interviewed the transgender woman accused of talking to Tay.

The rumors persisted even though everyone knew Tay was a father of two kids (daughters). He and his baby mama had named their firstborn Jamiyah.


Tay Roc with Lady Caution (Pic -Tay’s IG)

As of July 2020, Tay Roc was still dating wife prospect Lady Caution. What’s more, his girlfriend accompanied as far back as the start of 2019.

More than a year and a half into their romance, neither Tay nor his girlfriend revealed their plans to become a married couple.

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