When Amy Slaton of TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters announced her pregnancy in January of 2021, the first person who worried about her was her sister Tammy Slaton. Tammy demonstrated a genuine concern for the life of her sister and their baby as she was supposed to wait at least two years before they start having kids after the surgery.

Plus, Tammy herself is struggling with weight loss. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and health issues, she had very bad news to share with her fans. Scroll down, as we’ve put together a wiki on her name.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Tammy Slaton turned 32 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2020. She celebrates her birthday every year on 27 July. Per her date of birth, Tammy secured Leo as her zodiac sign.

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Tammy Slaton Wiki — Siblings, Parents, Hometown

Tammy Slaton was born to her unnamed father and her mother Darlene Slaton. As People reported, her father passed away at a very young age. Whereas, Darlene is alive and well but is not very fond of her daughters.

Darlene later married a man named Robert Franklin “Frank” Rednour. Following the wedding in 2013, she took Frank’s last name. Sadly, Frank passed away in early-January 2021.

Plus, fans of TLC’s show 1000-lb Sisters learned on several occasions that the two sisters aren’t very happy with their mother. Even in the show, Tammy and Amy had a few rough moments with their mother depicting the ill-feeling they had for each other.

As for siblings, Tammy is sister to her brother Chris Combs and her sister and co-star of the show Amy Slaton. The sisters are very close to each other and have become each other’s support for a very long time. The Slaton siblings grew up in their hometown of Dixon, Kentucky. From Darlene’s marriage to Frank, the trio had further two siblings: Crystal and Wayne.

Tammy Slaton Weight Now, Height, Forehead

In the show, between the two sisters, Tammy Slaton had the most weight. At one point she reached 604 lbs and had struggles controlling her body weight.

While her sister dropped a little above 100-lbs, Tammy has been struggling with motivation to do something about it. As for weight now, Tammy Slaton should have at least 600 lbs, so not much has changed throughout the years.

Plus, the viewers of the show eagerly wanted to know how she got the bump on her forehead. In fact, it is a fat socket grown because of her overweight body and nothing else.

According to, Tammy stands around 5 feet 9 inches in height.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Tammy’s popularity is thriving and extending on Twitter. As of Jan 2021, a total of 4287 people followed her on the platform where she posts pictures and videos. As for Instagram, the platform flaunts 29.6k followers. Unlike Amy, she is on Facebook and has 4073 friends in total.

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Tammy Slaton Net Worth, Job, 1000-Lb. Sisters

Tammy Slaton starred on TLC’s beloved show 1000-lb Sisters along with her sister Amy Slaton. Together they took over the show and became a celebrity with thousands of viewers and fans.

The show explored the main theme of attaining enough weight-loss so that they could go through bariatric surgery. Having packaged and processed food addiction since the age of 11, eating healthy was quite an ordeal the sisters faced.

Visitation with doctors, family drama, and more struggle to eat healthy filled up the entire show. However, even after all the unscathed attempts, Tammy was only able to lose 50 lbs and called a ticking time bomb because of the lack of progression.

By the end of the season, Amy was the only one who could undergo the surgery to lose more weight. Ever since the show, Tammy has developed some severe health issues including Pneumonia and COVID-19.

Because of this reason, Tammy spent a couple of weeks in a hospital to recover from the illness. Along with physical struggle, she also suffered from depression.

The depression phase got so bad that she even tried attempting suicide at one point in her life.

Furthermore, Tammy mentioned that the lowest body weight she has ever had since getting overweight was 550 lbs. During the pandemic hit, she gained more weight because of lack of exercise and breaking of habits.

As of this writing, Tammy required the assistance of a walker to move around where she needed to go. In the season 2 trailer of the show, Tammy does seem to be getting a little help from her brother to lose weight. But, the sad part is, if Tammy and her family didn’t amend their eating habits, many believed she might end up losing life within five years.

Talking about net worth, like Amy, Tammy Slaton accumulates a total net worth of $100 thousand in total.

Tammy Slaton Boyfriend, Husband, Baby

Towards the end of 2020, Tammy Slaton was still in a relationship with her boyfriend Jerry Sykes. She moved out of her sister’s apartment to live with Jerry whom she had been dating since 2016.

Jerry seemed supportive of Tammy and wants her to remain healthy. He always motivated her to lose weight so that she could go through the surgery.

Plus, Tammy professed a deep desire to start a family with her boyfriend. But it appeared nothing more than a dream that was highly unlikely to come true unless she wanted to risk her life and her baby’s. Plus, the news of Amy expecting her first child with her husband Michael had her worried sick.

Circa Feb 2020, Tammy shared a photo with Jerry. Little did the world know, Jerry was married to his wife, Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes who was fatally ill.

During the 1000-Lb. Sisters episode aired in February 2021, Tammy came out as pansexual. During her sit down with Jerry, Amy, and Michael Halterman, she claimed she “would date anybody whether they’re transgender, straight, gay”. When Jerry asked if she would date a transgender woman, Tamy replied positively. Admittedly, Tammy realized her sexuality after a conversation with a friend. The reality star also expressed joy over the reaction of Jerry who claimed he loved her no matter what.

As of Feb 2021, Tammy was no longer with Jerry. Reportedly, Jerry left Tammy because he felt guilty for putting his wife, Kia through all the drama. Admittedly, Jerry first wanted to resolve his issue with his wife. Upon learning about the affair, Kia labeled Tammy a homewrecker. Kia also confessed Jerry was helping her out financially.

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