Taylor Goldsmith is a wholesome package of music. He is not just a multi-instrumentalist, but a folk-rock singer and frontman of a famous music band in the United States.

Alongside his professional life, Taylor’s personal life has also been a matter of interest to people as he is partnered with the well-known Pop Singer Mandy Moore.

Taylor Goldsmith Bio

Born in the year 1985, Taylor reached the age of 35 on his 2020 birthday. He was born on 17 August of the year, which makes him a Leo zodiac. Taylor’s parents raised him in their hometown in Los Angeles, California, alongside his brother, Griffin Goldsmith.

Taylor Goldsmith and his brother dwelled their childhood in a joint family. The most intriguing part of their childhood was the music itself. Being sons of a musician father fined Taylor and Griffin in the field ever since their childhood. In one of his interviews, Griffin mentioned that as a kid, he and Taylor heard music and songs being played around. So, music was never obscure in their life.

Further, Taylor carried his education alongside his music. Hence, for his high school education, Taylor went to Malibu High School located in California.

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How Tall Is Taylor Goldsmith?

The height of success is incomparable, even with one’s physical height. But when it comes to their favorite couple, fans never leave a stone unturned to quote on their facades. There is all buzz when people’s favorite celebrity couples make a joint public appearance.

Similar is the manner with Taylor and Mandy. Every time the two appear together publically, Taylor looks slightly taller than his partner. Mandy is exactly 5 feet 9 inches tall. Thus, comparatively, Taylor Goldsmith might be around 5 feet 10 inches in height.

Coming to his weight, Taylor boasted a fit shape of about 80 kgs.

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What Is Taylor Goldsmith Net Worth?

From what all he is engaged in, Taylor Goldsmith garnered a net worth of around $700 thousand.

Taylor Goldsmith is a singer-songwriter plus multi-instrumentalist in the band, Dawes, formed after Simon Dawes band. Simon Dawes was a band formed by Taylor and his 3 pals during their high school days. However, after their bandmates, Blake Mills, and the other 2 members left the group, they reformed their band and replaced the departed members.

Besides the two founding members, Wylie Gelber and Stuart Johnson were added to the group. However, Stuart, the drummer got replaced by Griffin Goldsmith, Tylor’s brother.

After the group was left with 3 replaced members, Griffin Goldsmith, Wylie Gelber, and Lee Pardini, and one founding member, Taylor Goldsmith, they renamed it, Dawes.

Taylor’s passion led the band to never fall despite the desertion of most of its founding members. As of September 2020, Dawes has released 8 singles that have all managed to reach the top 23 at least, in the chart positions. The band’s single including Things Happen, and When the Tequila Runs Out have been their biggest hits to date. Similarly, the band placed 7 albums in their name, most of which have peaked the hit list.

With all his hits as a part of the famous band, Taylor knows well how to sustain his fame. Thus, he keeps himself active on social media including his Instagram, where he had more than 53.8K followers until September 2020. Also, the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts of the band Dawes have a satisfying number of followers. The band even has a job on the commodities website where the goods’ price ranges from about $8 to nearly $225. 

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Taylor Goldsmith & Mandy Moore: Dating, Wedding, Baby

Exact three years after Taylor Goldsmith proposed to her for marriage, Mandy Moore along with her husband announced their pregnancy.

Taylor met his future wife on Instagram and started dating ever since. Two years after they started dating in 2015, Taylor proposed to her. Mandy was most probably busy with her divorce paperwork with her then-husband, Ryan Adams when she met Taylor.

Taylor and Mandy got married 14 months post their engagement. It was a peculiar wedding as they tied the knot in the backyard of Mandy’s home. Hence, the had couple decided to go for a private intimate wedding on 18th November 2018 in Los Angeles.

During the late September days in 2020, Taylor and Mandy announced that they were having a baby boy due in 2021.

Taylor Goldsmith and wife Mandy Moore look happy announcing their pregnancy to their well-wishers. (Pic- Taylor’s Instagram)

Their fans wished for more happiness to cross their paths, alongside wishing them the best for their parenthood days.

In February 2021, Taylor and Mandy welcomed their son, August Harrison Goldsmith. Named after the month that his parents learned about having a baby boy, August arrived on his due date.

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