Phillip Redmond is best known as the fiance of Tammy Slaton, reality star from TLC’s 1000-ls Sisters. The engagement came as a surprise to many as they were in touch with each other for only a brief period as Tammy parted her thing with Jerry Sykes. As for Phillip, he is a self-proclaimed “The BBW King“.

So, who is Phillip Redmond? What job does Phillip do to make a living? Learn all about it on this Phillip Redmond Wiki.

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Phillip Redmond Age, Birthday

According to Soap Dirt, Phillip Redmond celebrates his birthday on 26 May. He turned 35 years old in 2021. Furthermore, he secured Gemini as his zodiac sign.

Phillip Redmond Weight, Height

Based on his TikTok, Phillip Redmond stands tall at a height of 6 feet (1.82 meters) and allegedly weighed about 78 kilograms (171 lbs). Furthermore, he inked multiple tattoos all over his body that gave him distinct looks.

Furthermore, one tattoo on his neck 300 & Up is the one that describes him the most. Plus, he loves putting on expensive pieces of jewelry and clothes, looking fresh all the time.

His Family, Hometown

Phillip ‘Kevin’ Redmond hails from his hometown of Los Angeles. When it comes to personal information, Phillip shared almost no details on his parents. His social media didn’t hold any details on his mother as well as his father.

However, we know for a fact that he has a twin brother named Paul. Both of the brothers were featured on Dr. Phil’s show, but more on that later. However, there existed no whereabouts about his brother on his socials.

Plus, we don’t know for sure whether they are in touch with each other or not. So, most details on his parents and sibling are yet to be unraveled.

His Instagram, Facebook

Moving on, Phillip Redmond could be discovered on two of the highly used social media platforms. As of June 2021, he could be discovered on Instagram where he earned 5373 followers in total. However, once his name starred creating a stir among the fans of TLC’s 1000-lb Sister, he private his profile.

Furthermore, Phillip is most active on Facebook where he has been posting for a very long time. But, he could never be discovered on Twitter.

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Phillip Redmond Job

When it comes to money, success, job, and financial freedom, Phillip Redmond is pretty outspoken. For a person, who couldn’t graduate college as he became a father early on, he is doing more than good.

Putting on diamond chains, expensive watches, riding Maserati, and flaunting pile of money on his socials, Phillip does love all of that. So, the question remains what does Phillip Redmond do for a living?

Phillip works as a professional dog breeder. He specializes in breeding French Bulldogs. Based on the snap of the prices of the bulldogs on his Facebook, some start at $3000 and up to $10,000 each. So, his business must be drawing a lot of money for him based on that.

Like already said, Phillip isn’t afraid to flaunt his money on social. And he posts it with some motivational quotes related to success and hard work. Besides his regular job, he is also on TikTok posting about his love for big women.

His TikTok account earned 75.4k followers and 445.9k likes until June 2021. He started making TikToks in July of 2020. Most of his TikToks are based on the fact how much he loves big women that are over 300 lbs.

Whereas, Phillip and his twin brother Paul were also featured on Dr. Phil back in January of 2007. While one brother couldn’t stand BBW, another brother lived for them. He even shared that his ideal woman was about the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), 350 pounds, and size 28.

While Paul bullied them with names like Miss. Piggy and big Free Willy, Phillip appreciated and loved them. At the end of the day, Phillip walked out unfazed and appreciated for his choice. No wonder why he named himself The BBW King.

As for the net worth, Phillip Redmond must have at least $400 thousand net worth.

Phillip Redmond And Tammy Slaton: Engaged, Wedding

On 14 April 2021, Phillip Redmond went on his TikTok and posted a video. The video was a duet with Tammy Slaton with TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters. The video earned 380k views and 4607 likes in total.

But, it didn’t take him much longer before he featured Tammy Slaton on his Tik Tok. The video garnered 5390 likes with 333k views as 4th June 2021. But, in early June 2021, Phillip posted a TikTok where he hinted at getting engaged with Tammy.

The video garnered 1.1 million views in total.


Phillip and Tammy together in June of 2021 (Pic: Tammy’s Instagram)

However, Phillip earned a fair share of hate from all over. While half of the people were happy they were together, the other half accused him of clout chasing including Quincy, former business partner with Tamy.

As for Tammy, she announced her engagement online. She also shared about getting medical attention and working with professionals to lose weight. But, it is going to contradict Phillip’s love for BBW. So, what would that mean for the two?

We’ll witness all the drama on season 3 of the show and yes, Tammy will be introducing her fiance on the new show, as confirmed by Soap Dirt.

Have they planned for the wedding yet? Though they were engaged, there existed no details on their wedding and other plans.

Does Phillip Redmond Have Kids Yet?

Phillip Redmond talked about having kids. He also wrote about avoiding and blocking his baby mother on his socials. But, he never shared precise details on his children and baby mother.

But, his Facebook hinted about having a young lady who was more of a daughter to him than his own children. He also snaps of their exchange on his Facebook.

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