In April 2021, “The Addams Family” actor Felix Silla passed away. He was married to his wife, Sue Silla.

Tag along with this Sue Silla Wikipedia and learn about Felix Silla’s wife including her age, maiden name, and photos. Also, find out if she is dead or alive.

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Sue Silla Dead Or Alive?

As of 18th April 2021, Sue Silla was still alive. However, her husband died a couple of days earlier.

Felix Silla took his last breath on 16th April 2021. His representative, Bonnie Vent confirmed the actor died after a battle with cancer.

Via a statement, Bonnie said— “It is with deep sadness that I share the news that Felix Silla has passed away.”

Bonnie continued— “He was a client and friend. He had so many stories, from starting in the circus to so many classic television shows either doing stunts or playing a character… Felix knew a lot about making characters come to life with no dialog”

The public will remember Felix for portraying Cousin Itt in the 60s sitcom “The Addams Family”. For the role, he a full body-length hairpiece, bowler hat, and sunglasses. Also, no one ever saw his face and spoke in gibberish.

What’s more, Felix secured roles on “Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi,” and “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”.

Tributes Pour In For Felix Silla

Media personality Chip Coffey took to Twitter and wrote— “So sad to hear that actor Felix Silla has passed away. He was a great guy every time I saw him at various events. RIP, Felix.”

Meanwhile, actress Erin Murphy shared a selfie she took with Felix and tweeted— “Rest In Peace dear, sweet Felix Silla. You’ll always be my favorite Gremlin.”

“Haunted Towns” producer, Tim Weisberg shared a group photo on Twitter and wrote— “RIP to the great Felix Silla (Cousin Itt on “The Addams Family,” Twiki on “Buck Rogers” and so many other roles). He passed away today from pancreatic cancer. Such a kind, sweet and hilarious man. Got to hang out with him a few times, wish we could have had a few more.”

Sue Silla Age

Sue Silla reportedly turned 76 years old in 2020. Moreover, her birthday falls on 20th November.

Meanwhile, Felix Silla died at the age of 84. He and Sue were born 8 years apart.

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Sue Silla Maiden Name

Sue Silla’s full name is Evelyn Sue Silla.

As of 2021, Sue was residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Previously, she lived in Dyer, Nevada, and Arleta, California.

Sue Silla Photos

Because Sue wasn’t on Instagram and Facebook, not everyone could get hold of her photos.

Her Job

Sue Silla is an actress.

According to this IMDB profile, Sue portrayed a child prostitute in the 1969 film “Justine”. Reportedly, she didn’t make the credits.

Also, Sue played W.W.’s Girlfriend in the 1970 movie “Wilbur and the Baby Factory”.

Sue Silla Height

Based on the photos available, Sue Silla is of average height. In other words, she must be around 5’5” tall.

As for her husband, Felix Silla stands 3’11”.

Sue And Felix Silla: Married, Kids

In 1965, Sue married Felix Silla. 10 years earlier, Felix had moved from Italy to the US and thus paving a way for their romance.


Felix Silla with his kids (Source: Distractify)

Sue and Felix went on to have 2 kids: a son named Michael and a daughter named Bonnie.

In 2020, Michael passed away. He was 45. An excerpt from his obituary read— “Michael attended culinary school at Los Angeles Mission College to pursue his love of cooking. He will be remembered by those who knew him for his huge heart and great sense of humor. He was an avid cook and loved to barbeque for his family. He most recently started collecting antique pottery items. He had a passion for music which he loved to share with those closest to him. He made the most out of every moment he spent with his family.”

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