Clint Harp is one of the tycoons of reality TV house restoration professionals. He used to be famous for his appearances as a carpenter on Fixer Upper. Now, he was arriving with his own show, his own style of house renovation, and his own story.

Read more Clint Harp wiki, his new show, his old show, and his wife in the article below.

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Clint Harp Age

Clint Harp was born on 16 November 1977. That means he was 43 years of age, as of 18 April 2021. And thus, his zodiac sign was Scorpio.

His Family, Hometown

What do we know about Clint’s family? Not their name, unfortunately. They were divorced when Clint was 3 years old (again, unfortunately). His parents’ divorce was a rather uncomfortable phase of his life and he was trying to figure out his family at that time.

His father wanted to be a comedian but could not fulfill his calling. Clint, on the other hand, worked out a way to pursue his calling, i.e. woodwork. He learned the art of making furniture with his own hands from his grandfather, Vernon Martin.

Apart from his parents and inspirational grandparents, Clint also had a sister in the family. His sister’s name was Bonnie and she is 3 years older than him.

Clint Harp was born in Dunwoody, Georgia. And although Dunwoody was his hometown, he grew up moving around the cities like Atlanta, Georgia, and Asheville, North Carolina. Clint was raised a Christian and still has faith.

For college education, he went to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, a place he eventually moved to and spent most of his professional life.

His Height

Clint Harp stands at a modest height of not more than 5 ft 11 inches. Clint’s other physical features include dark hair and blue eyes.

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What Is Clint Harp Net Worth?

Clint Harp’s net worth, as of 2021, was about $1 million.

Professionally Clint is a woodworker, i.e. he makes and sells handmade wood items, like furniture, wood coasters, cutting board, etc. Together with his wife, he had founded his own company called Harp Design Co. in 2011.

At one time, Clint was working as a medical salesman and making huge money. However, he always wanted to work with wood. So, he left the job and started the company, and started to work out of his garage.

Currently, Clint is not only the owner of Harp Design Co. but also the head table maker. Harp Design Co. has a group of artisans and designers who used modern technology as well as old handcraft to make artistic items.

The company is not only about wood items but also about other merchandise as well like clothes, pillows, cups, and many more. Harp Design Co. had partnered with many shows like Wood Work, Against the Gaint, Magnolia Network, etc.

Does Clint Harp Have A TV Show?

Yes, two. Clint Harp made his TV debut for Fixer Upper in 2014, as a woodworking expert for Chip and Joana Gaines, the hosts of the show. He got the taste of the fame from the show. On the back of that appearance, he got his own show called Wood Work in 2017.

In Wood Work, which aired on HGTV in 2018, Clint and his crew built artisan wood items from recycled wood.

Between Fixer Upper and Wood Work, he made brief appearances in other shows like Against the Grain, This Is LA, Steve Harvey, etc. After Wood Work, he also appeared on the shows like Fox and Friends and Celebrity Page.

Most recently, a new show called Restoration Road was announced. Clint was going to be the host of the show and traveled around the country witnessing the renovation projects of historical artifacts.

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Is Clint Harp In Love With Joanna Gaines?

Not really. Clint Harp worked with Joanna Gaines and her husband Chip Gaines during the show Fixer Upper. And yes, they were very good friends. But that was about it between them.

In fact, Clint first met Joanna Gaines through her husband Chip. Previously, Clint had pitched his work to Chip in a random meeting. Chip had invited Clint for a dinner and that was where Clint first met Joanna.

Since then both Joanna and Chip have been a great help to Clint in the establishing of her career in woodworking as well as in reality TV. In fact, Clint had multiple times credited Joanna and her husband for their immense support.

Clint Harp Wife

Clint Harp is married to his college sweetheart and now wife, Kelly Harp. Kelly was born on 23 January 1979 and thus she was a little over a year younger than Clint.

Both Clint and his wife also went to Baylor University in Waco. Even when they first met each other, they were smitten with each other. And after dating for a few years, they came to the conclusion they were meant to be.

They eventually married on 22 June 2001. Only recently, Clint and Kelly celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. And in their 19 years of marriage, they had had three kids, a son called Hudson and two daughters called Holland and Camille.

Clint and Kelly’s life has seen its ups and downs. After marriage, they had moved to Houston and started having kids. Kelly became a stay-at-home mother. But she actually wanted to pursue a master’s degree.

Eventually, when Clint quit his job in Houston and they moved back to Waco. Kelly still could not pursue her education as now they had become broke. Their economic status improved after meeting the Gaines and working for them. But they had faced their share of problems.


Clint Harp with his wifem Kelly Harp and their kids Circa March 2019 (PC: Kelly’s IG)

Clint’s wife had also appeared alongside him in several TV shows like Fixer Upper, Against the Grain, and Wood Work. In Wood Work, she was the co-host with her husband. Kelly was also a huge social media celebrity with 58k followers on Instagram.

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