Keith Bynum is the new co-host of HGTV’s new home renovation show, Bargain Block. He starred alongside his partner to renovate some of the oldest houses in the motor city and make the block look different from what it was.

So, fans wanted to know about Keith’s background and his experience in real estate. Well, we’ve put together this Keith Bynum wiki based on his life.

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Keith Bynum Age

As of 2021, Keith Bynum is reported to be about 34 years old. However, he hasn’t shared further detail on his precise date of birth. Moreover, his zodiac sign and his age are yet to be confirmed.

Keith Bynum Family

Keith Bynum was born to his father Howard Bynum and his mother Jolene Bynum in his hometown of Texas, the United States. However, details of his parents are yet to be known. Talking about his family, Keith’s grandfather Gerald Kenneth Bynum passed away in February of 2020.

Keith Bynum grew up with her younger sister Joni Bynum. Joni attended Texas Tech University. Moreover, she has an adorable daughter named Joli Bynum who features on her Facebook.

His Height

Keith Bynum is a man with an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). Furthermore, he weighed about 71 kilograms (156 lbs). Moreover, he had ginger-colored facial hair which could be called his distinct features.

Keith also has a receding hairline.

His Instagram, Facebook

Talking about social media reach, Keith Bynum could only be discovered on Instagram. The platform earned her 8696 followers in total until April 2021. Moreover, he posted 1039 times on the platform.

Furthermore, he was nowhere to be discovered on Twitter as well as Facebook. This suggested his disinterest to be share anything personal related to his life.

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Keith Bynum Net Worth

All the houses Keith Bynum flipped in almost four years of his career and owning a successful business before that, he earned a total net worth of under $1.5 million.

Keith Bynum was only 14 years old while he started his business. He started a retail and manufacturing company that earned national-level recognition. However, he avoided sharing the precise details of his business.

Keith, who was living in Denver, Colorado, thought of quitting his regular job to immerse himself into the real estate business. Then, he bought an old house in Rocky Town, he took his first step into the business. He found the process worth working for but his first buyer gave him a glimpse of the type of clients he would be dealing with in the future.

So in search of friendly clients, Keith and his then-boyfriend, Evan decided to move to Detroit in 2017.

Evan quit his job and joined his partner but instead of idyllic Denver, they moved to Motor City which their friends and family thought was crazy. For several days there, they lived in Airbnbs and other hotels while working on the new projects.

The first house they renovated and sold in Detroit gave them the confidence to pursue a new career in a new city.

Evan and Keith bought a home as cheap as $1,000 did a lot of work on them and listed them for sale after rebuilding and remodeling. Most of the houses they renovated listed between $70,000 and $100,000.

Together, Evan and Keith opened Nine Furniture and Design, a store based in Ferndale, Michigan.

Before the home renovation business, Keith also worked with his sister. Back in 2016, he and his sister Joni sold technicolor metalwork during the weekend’s Old Sorehead Trade Days. Together, the brother-sister duo owned a shop in Lubbock named Joni Keith Co. They showcased their work at Trade Days at least 30 times in the immediate 10 years period before that.

Both Keith and his sister attended Texas Tech University. Keith earned their bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2007. Later, he earned his MBA degree in 2013.

Keith also began serving as President of Omnia, Inc. in august of 2017.

Keith Bynum Bargain Block

The renovation of one block at a time strategy earned recognition to Keith Baynum across the city. Plus, TV network HGTV recognized their renovating skills and their new approach to making it in the real estate business which excited the producers and it fell right under their alley.

So, HGTV approached the business as well as a life partner for their new TV show titled Bargain Block. They shot the show during the Covid-19 pandemic and renovated several homes for the show.

However, Keith doesn’t fall under the category of the first timer in the TV show appearance. He had starred in Tiny Paradise in July 2017 with Jess Rothlisberger.

Evan Thomas And Keith Bynum: Dating, Engaged, Or Married?

As of 2021, Keith Bynum has been dating his partner, Evan Thomas for at least seven years. Together, they shared interests and hobbies such as kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding but spent most of their time renovating blocks of Detroit.


Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum together in September of 2020 (Pic: Keith Bynum Instagram)

Neither Keith nor Evan shared details on their relationship. But spending time inside and outside of their work helped to strengthen their relationship. However, as of 2021, it seemed they hadn’t further committed to one another as an engaged couple, let alone as a married couple.

In August of 2019, Keith wrote on Instagram, “Six years flew by. Glad we found each other 😌 #happy #michigan”

Moreover, there were no details about getting them having kids. However, Evan and Keith have a dog together named Belle.

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