Anthony Anderson is probably one of the most well-known African American actors in the United States. But he is much more than an actor. He is a game show host and a fine specimen of a human being. Who inspired him to be like that? His step-father Sterling Bowman did.

If you want to know more about Anthony Anderson’s step-father but also more than a father, read this Sterling Bowman wiki below.

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Anthony Anderson And Sterling Bowman’s Relationship

If you do not know Anthony Anderson, he is an American actor famous for his performances in TV shows like Law & Order, K-Ville, The Shield, and Black-ish. He is also the host of a game show To Tell the Truth.

And Sterling Bowman is Anthony’s stepfather. Anthony’s real father was not really around. So, Anthony was at first raised alone by his mother, Doris Hancox. And after she married Sterling Bowman, she and Sterling raised Anthony. Sterling always treated Anthony like his own son.

And Anthony calls Sterling “dad” and thinks of him as a father. In fact during an interview with People Magazine Anthony said,

“He was the only father I knew or cared about…e raised me as any father would, with love, patience, understanding and discipline. I’m grateful because he taught me what it took to be a man. He wasn’t perfect, which made him even more of my hero.”

And Sterling taught Anthony “to be a man” in a very interesting way. After Anthony started to go to college and came home during breaks, Sterling wanted him to pay rent. He also pulled out phone jacks and locked the entertainment system. The only thing Anthony access for free in the house was the refrigerator. One might say those were little harsh measures but they effectively taught Anthony responsibility.

His Children Other Than Anthony Anderson

Apart from Anthony Anderson, Sterling Bowman had another son, his own son, called Derrick Bowman. Derrick works at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital as an Emergency Room Technician. He is married to a woman called Joy Stevenson.

Sterling Bowman And Doris Hancox

Doris Hancox was Anthony Anderson’s mother and Sterling Brown’s wife. She was also a regular feature at, To Tell the Truth, the game show Anthony hosted. And Doris was very popular because of her stunning humor and frankness.

Sterling reportedly married Doris in 1972, at the age of 27. And at the time, Doris was a single mother raising a son. It was very mature of Sterling to accept her and her son.

Is He Dead Or Alive?

Sterling Bown has passed away. According to some of the sources, Sterling died because of diabetes complications. Although the exact date of his death was not known, it was most probably before 2008. Some sources also claim that Sterling died in the year 2003.

Anthony has tweeted a couple of times saying how much he misses his father, i.e. Sterling.

Also, now that it has been over 15 years since Sterling’s death, his wife, Doris, seems to be looking for a boyfriend.

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Sterling Bowman Age

Well, we do not know the exact date when Sterling Bowan was born but he was born in the year 1945. And if had lived to the day of the publication of this piece, i.e. 19 July 2021, he would have been 75 years of age. However, he died in his late fifties.

His Hometown, Family

Well, we know almost nothing about Sterling Bowman’s family. There was a 2020 Instagram post from Anthony that said that his grandmother died the previous day. Now, this grandmother of Anthony’s might be Sterling’s mother or her mother-in-law. And she died in 2020.

We know little about his hometown. Sterling’s hometown was Little Rock, Arkansas. However, as an adult, he moved to LA and lived there the rest of his life.

Sterling Bowman Pictures

There are not many pictures of Sterling Bowman. He died too early and the images of him only exist in people’s memories. But there were some rare photos, which his loved ones had preserved.


Sterling Bowan with his family (Source: Anthony’s IG)

Sterling Bowman Job

Looking at the way Sterling tried to instill responsibility and hard work in Anthony (read above), one can assume that Sterling Bowman was a self-made man. And one would not be wrong. He came from a nothing background in Arkansas and moved to LA to work in the steel mill industry.

And after working hard years for the steel mill industry, Sterling collected some money and started his own clothing store, which then became a chain of three clothing stores.

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