Well, the game shows are back in business. To Tell the Truth, the legendary game show that began in the 50s, returned to TV in 2016 and is heralding the new wave of game shows on TV. On that occasion, we present to you, Doris Hancox.

Doris is the mother of To Tell the Truth‘s host, Anthony Anderson. But she is also the co-host and commentator on the show. Read about Doris below.

Doris Hancox Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Doris Hancox turned 66 years of age on 12 July 2020. And because of her 12th of July birthday, she had Cancer as her zodiac sign.

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Doris Hancox Wikipedia — Family, Hometown, Education

Not much was known about Doris’s original family. The only memorabilia of her early days was a photo of her adorning a toothy smile, a large mess of hair on top, and a very youthful face.

Doris Hancox was born in Chicago, Illinois, and considers it as her hometown. However, she moved to California when she was still very young.

In fact, she received her high school education from Jordon High School in Los Angeles, California. Later, Doris went on to get her college education from Compton Community College in Compton, California.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Doris Hancox was not that famous on social media. She was famous among the dedicated fans of her show, but not much beyond that.

On Instagram, Doris had only 3.8k followers by March 2021. On Twitter, she was almost non-existent with only 3 followers. She also had a Facebook profile.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Doris Hancox is a woman of tall height 5 ft 9 inches and weighed 64 kgs in 2021. Her distinct features include dark black hair, brown eyes, and large loopy earrings which she wore on most occasions.

Doris Hancox Net Worth, Salary, To Tell The Truth

When it comes to her work, Doris’s Facebook page says that she works for Los Angeles County, California. But that was not the work Doris wanted to do for her life.

When she was young, Doris wanted to be an actor. However, being a young single mother (read in the next section), she had to put her ambition on hold.

Belated, Doris did get her chance to act. In 2008, she had acted in a movie short called Common Bond. And in 2010, she had appeared in a film called The Truth. In 2017, she appeared on one episode of the TV show Black-ish.

Apart from her acting performances, she had also appeared as herself in a lot of reality shows. In fact, there was a rather interesting story about her first game show. In 2015, she appeared alongside her son, Anthony Anderson, in Celebrity Family Feud.

On the show, when asked the question, “Name something a new magician might pull a rabbit out of,” she answered, “his nuts”. Apparently, Doris heard “new” as “nude”. The answer shocked the host Steve Harvey and embarrassed her son.

Later, the producers of the show came to Anderson to talk about his mother. Anderson immediately apologized. But they actually wanted to bring her to To Tell You the Truth. So impressed were they with her personality.

Doris did come to To Tell You the Truth and is still there after five years and 61 episodes. Fans of the show called her Mama Doris. She was a beloved of the show. In 2021, she was absent for a couple of episodes. People felt scared that she might have left the show. She did return to the show soon. But she did not announce why she was absent from the show.

Her other reality TV credits include Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Talk, Access Daily, Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson, Extra with Billy Bush, Entertainment Tonight, etc.

Reports tell us that the average salary of a Game Show Host in the US was $32k. Doris Hancox’s salary must also be around that. Her net worth, estimated as of March 2021, was $500 thousand.

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Doris Hancox Husband, Anthony Anderson, Kids

Doris Hancox really had a rather colorful romantic life. She was already a son, Anthony Anderson, by the time he was 18. She had no husband and no job when she first gave birth. And yet she raised Anthony all by herself as a single mother.

Later, Doris married Sterling Bowman. Sterling was Anthony’s stepfather. But Anthony considered him as a true father.

Sterling and Doris had only one kid, a son named Derrick Bowman. Derrick is an Emergency Room Technician at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital. He is married to Joy Stevenson.

As of 2021, Doris seemed to be divorced from her husband Sterling. Doris herself had said that she was currently “single and looking”. She described her ideal man as “He’s got to be tall … and not a couch potato. And he’s got to have a job and put gas in my car!”

As you might have deduced from the Celebrity Family Feud episode, Doris was a rather curious personality. She used to give her children Vagisil, a cream to treat vaginal itching, to fix cuts and bruises.

Another even bizarre information: Doris taught Anthony, her son, how to perform oral sex. She said that her husband, Anthony’s father, was rubbish at oral sex and she did not want her son to be like that.

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