Singer Erykah Badu’s daughter, Puma Curry is on TikTok. So we urge our readers to start following her as Puma provides great content on the platform. She earned quite an impressive number of followers on the platform and worked hard to establish herself as a TikTok star.

Delve into this Puma Curry wiki as this article covers additional information about her including her boyfriend and relationship status along with details on her family and career.

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Puma Curry Age

Puma Curry was born on 5 July 2004. This meant, she turned 16 years old in July of 2020. She owned Cancer as her zodiac sign.

On Puma Curry’s 15th birthday, Eryka Badu and the father of Puma, The D.O.C appeared together on a video to wish a happy birthday. As Eryka explained, Puma was born at home. She took several steps including chakras, meditation, hired a midwife to ensure a safe birth.

Badu spoke to her daughter, “You know how I feel sister queen, I love you. You are growing into a beautiful young woman.”

On Puma’s 16th birthday her father wrote, “because your mother is an amazing woman, I don’t worry a lot about you.”

Eryka had a “Covid Sweet 16 Party” few moments of which were shared by her mother.

Puma Curry Father

Puma Curry’s father, The D.O.C. was a member of Fila Fresh Crew, a rap group hailing from Dallas, Texas before he decided to pursue a solo career. He was also known for collaborating with N.W.A. Dr. Dre from the legendary rap group from the west coast also collaborated and produced two of his albums.

Tracy Lynn Curry AKA The D.O.C. dated legendary singer Eryka Badu from 2002 to 2003. Even though their love life was never meant to be, something beautiful came out of their relationship and it was their daughter Puma Sabti Curry. Though they separated, it appeared they maintained a friendship and agreed on co-parenting.

Before Eryka, The D.O.C. dated Shannon Hendricks. Amber Lynn Curry (born 25 March 1991) is Puma’s half-sister from her father’s side was born out of that relationship.

Puma also has two half-siblings from her mother’s relationships. Before The D.O.C., Eryka dated legendary Southern rapper Andre 3000 from whom she had a son named Seven Sirius Benjamin (Born 18 November 1997). After The D.O.C, she dated rapper Jay Electronica with whom she had a daughter named Mars Merkaba Thedford.

All of the three half-siblings were close to each other and had an age gap of 6 years.

More about siblings, Seven was accepted into four different colleges where he had plans to major in psychology, arts, and science.

Her Height

Puma Curry not only inherited the talent of music from her mother but also her appearance. Puma is Eyrka’s mini-me. On 2 November 2020, Eryka Badu Tweeted where she admired that her daughter was trill. She further wrote— “Puma stole my whole face. But what an improvement on a design tho. Right ?”

Furthermore, Puma Curry stands tall to a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). She grew up to become a beautiful young lady who weighed about 48 kilograms (105 lbs).

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Puma Curry TikTok, Instagram

As of April 2021, Puma only appears to be on two social media platforms. She is taking over Instagram with 74.4k followers and growing along with her burgeoning fame and recognition. She posted 24 times in total.

Moreover, Puma earned fame because of her TikToks. The platform flaunted 390.6k followers who gave her 7.7 million likes in total for her lip-syncs, dances, and own singing.

Her Net Worth

Building wealth is a long race and Puma Curry is warming up and worked extremely hard to see her net worth grow. Though the real number is yet to be out, Puma’s net worth couldn’t be more than $100 thousand as of 21.04.2021.

Born to musician parents, music ran through her veins. Her instinct didn’t let her deter from her destiny with her mother and father there to guide her. Puma started singing from a very young age.

Puma performed in school functions and kept showed significant improvement with time. As she grew up, Puma started getting more serious about pursuing music. In 2015, Eryka Badu posted a video of herself singing with her two daughters Puma and Mars as they lied down on the bed.

The video stirred conversation across Twitter and Puma was praised for her vocal quality.

Again in 2016, Puma created a moment to make her mother proud of her. She covered the song Stay by Rihanna. She captivated the viewers with her singing.

Besides music, Erykah and Puma posed in front of cameras together for a photoshoot. They were featured on Vogue Mexico photographed by Elizabeth Lavi. With the shoot, On & On hitmaker’s daughter added a model to her resume, among other career paths.

With that being said, Puma is working hard to earn recognition as a TikTok star and she is a star already in the eyes of thousands of her fans. A few of her TikTok’s went viral recently which made the dream of becoming a social media star real.

One piece of trivia about Puma’s early life, she was a contortionist and trapeze artist who performed in a circus.

Puma Curry Boyfriend

Eryka Badu always supported her daughters but she intervened in stuff that always mattered. And as a fan, we hope Puma Curry’s dating life isn’t one of them.

However, we don’t hold any information about Puma Curry ever seeing someone close to being a boyfriend. But chances remain that she kept her private life to herself and that included details on her relationship.

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