Dr. Kristin Pelinka started getting mentions after her husband’s soulful speech, praising the late NBA player Kobe Bryant after his tragic helicopter crash.

The Bryant and Pelinka family shared close relations and Kristin’s husband, Rob was also once Kobe’s agent.

So, after the bond between the families was revealed fans got more attentive to the Pelinka family, especially Kristin. Here is everything you want to know about her.

Kristin Pelinka Wiki, Birthday, Family

Kristin Pelinka, whose original name is Kristin Brett Schwarz, was born in Corona del Mar, California. She celebrated her 43rd birthday in September 2019.

Her parents Kenneth & Kathleen raised her alongside brother Kenny in California. As her father was a dentist based in Newport Beach, Kristian was also inclined to follow the medical stream.

On the other hand, her brother opted to study law at Chapman University. Kristeen grabbed her bachelor’s degree in biology and acquired MD from UCLA in 2003.

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Kristin & Rob Pelinka: Dating, Married, Kids

Kristin Pelinka got married to Rob Pelinka in August 2005. Rob played college basketball in his young days and graduated with a degree in law and business.

Together, both Kristin and her husband Rob celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary in 2019. They are parents to two kids: Durham (son) & Emery (daughter).


Kristin Pelinka and husband Rob Pelinka with their kids (Pic: Kristin’s Facebook)

During all these years of marriage, Kristin was successful to lay down low in the public’s eye. While she supported Rob from the sidelines, her husband prospered ahead in his career.

Though he was an accomplished law student and businessman, Rob decided to pave his career in the field of sport. So, since he was not the player he was in college he decided to work as an agent.

Some of Rob’s tremendous feat in managing came when he got a chance to become Kobe Bryant’s agent. Then he was handed the position of President and CEO of “The Landmark Sports Agency, LLC”.

After fulfilling his job tremendously, Rob was called up to become the general manager of one of NBA’s greatest teams, the “Los Angeles Lakers”.

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Kristin Pelinka Net Worth, Education, Pediatric

With an MD in the medical field, Kristin Pelinka laid a strong career foundation for herself. However, she chose to work with the children as a pediatrician instead.

In 2006, she first started working at multiple clinics. Then she shifted to Cedars Sinai to work at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. But in 2016, she started her practice in Costa Mesa.

As a specialist in the children’s nutrition department, Kristin Pelinka accumulates a $600k net worth. Also, her polite deminer towards her patients is one of her praiseworthy attributes, and loved by all her patients.

Matter of fact, most of her clients, when asked about her service, called her a very professional and sorted out the type of doctor.

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